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Engine Failure IN FLIGHT

Airspeed - Above 88
Directional Control - Maintain
Mixtures/Props/Throttles - FULL FWD
Flaps UP
Gear UP
INOP ENGINE - Identify
Verify with Throttle - Close affected
Inop Engine - Feather OR Restart


Decision to: Restart INOP engine in flight

Fuel Quantity - check
Engine Gauges - check

Fuel Selector - ON
Primer - Locked
Carb HT - ON
Mixture - As Required
Fuel Pump - ON
Mags - CHECK L and R/ON
Fuel Selector - Consider Crossfeed
Throttle - Advance/Close
Starter - Engage if Prop no windmilling


Decision to: Feather INOP engine in flight

Propeller above 950 RPM - Feather
Mixture - Idle Cutoff
Heading - Turn to airport

Trim for flight
For BOTH engines:
Cowl Flaps - set
Fuel pumps - set
Alternator switches - set
Magnetos - set
Fuel Quantity - monitor
Fuel selectors - set
Electrical Load - reduce
Throttle/Prop (Op engine) - As needed


Single Engine Landing

INOP engine - Secured
Seats/Belts - Secured

Operative Engine:
Fuel Selector - ON
Mixture - Rich
Prop - Full FWD
Fuel Pump - ON
Cowl Flap - As Needed

When Landing is Assured:
Gear down/3 Green
Flaps - Max 25
Airspeed 90
Throttle - Retard SLOWLY
Trim to help


Engine Failure During Takeoff (after rotation)

Adequate RWY:
Maintain DC
Throttles - close
Land as soon as Practical
Stop straight ahead

Inadequate RWY:
Maintain DC
Mixtures/Props/Throttles - FULL FWD
Flaps UP
Gear UP
Airspeed - 88

INOP ENGINE - Identify
Verify with Throttle - Close affected
Inop Engine - FEATHER

*Move to feather inop engine checklist


Engine Failure During CLIMB (memory items)

Power - Max Continuous
Inop Engine - ID
Inop Engine - Feather OR Restart
Cowl Flap


Engine Failure Below Vmc (memory items)

Rudder against YAW
Retard throttles
Reduce AOA
Airspeed - Accelerate above 56
Above 56 - Advance throttle of OPERATIVE engine
Inop Engine - Feather/Restart


Engine Failure during an Instrument Approach (Outside FAF)

5nm out: Descent Check
3nm out: Approach Check

*lose an engine*
Maintain at least 88KIAS
Mixture full fwd
Props full fwd
Throttles full fwd
Flaps up
Gear up
Inop Engine ID - Dead leg
Inop Throttle - Close and Verify no change
At this altitude we will feather the inoperative engine prop. (set 0 thrust)
Cut off the inoperative engine mixture
Continue on the approach
Declare an emergency

*Checklist complete and verified*

1 dot below
Below 140 gear down
*Before landing checklist*
Flaps on final
Mixture rich
Prop full fwd
3 Green
1 in the Mirror
1 Trim

1000' - 3 green

Flow the SE Landing Checklist

500' - 3 green
100' - 3 green
Minimums - 3 green, landing