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what is food security?

the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.


examples of food security?

vailability of sufficient quantities
- Access to the affordability of food
- Stability of supply with no shortages from season to season or year to year
- Quality and safety in food taking into consideration clean water, sanitation and health care


what are factors that affect food security?

- increase in human population
- water resources
- availability of arable lands
- food availability and loss
- climate change
- biofuels
- land grabbing
- lake of farming access


what are staple foods?

A food that makes up the main part of a populations standard diet contributing a significant portion of energy intake.


examples of a staple food

rice - china, aus - wheat


what does the global migration of cultural groups result in?

When people move from one country to another or another part of their own country, they bring with them the desire for and knowledge of the foods they already know.
- As a result of migration, the new location may gradually introduce the newcomers’ most preferred foods into the local diet.


what is the role of men in the native group?



what is firestick farming?

- Traditional practice of the aboriginal people where bushland and vegetation would be lit on fire so other plants can grow.


Hunting and Gathering is..

a labour intensive way used by indigenous people. used to gain produce involving taking only what is needed for survival & requires a good knowledge of land + natural resources


Subsistence agriculture is...

outdated technology used in underdeveloped regions that rely on natural resources and weather conditions to grow crops and obtain animals, involves large labour force E.G. growing plant staples


Industrialised agriculture is...

agriculture with significant scientific and technological advancement - use of irrigation and chemicals. utilised by developed regions to produce large quantities of a product to sell on national and international markets.


relative poverty

when people lack the minimum amount of income needed to maintain the average standard of living


absolute poverty

Life threatening, inability to supply any of the basic human needs over a long period of time.



having a significant amount of money and resourcesr


smart farms & examples

advanced technology used to manage farms E.G. Precision agriculture, specialised software to monitor and analyse crops


impacts of technological advancements on food availability

- saves time, labour and energy
- computer controls & sophisticated processing + packing methods have increased efficiency of quality, safety and cost of food and its production


two big historical changes to food availability include

- development of electricity made home appliances + electric tools in the workplace easier to access

- development of refrigeration took place mid 19th century, allowing food to be preserved for longer periods of time and distributed efficiently.


poverty cycle

can trap families and individuals in a cycle of food insecurity and poor health


use foods native to Aus include

- use of kangaroo, wallabies as meat staples
- bush fruits like wild fig, bush oranges to make jams
- lemon myrtle & wattle seeds used in modern desserts and cooking E.G. muffins, shortbread



individuals and companies obliged to pay taxes or changes to local, state and federal government to pay for public services


E.G. of taxation

gst tax on goods and services sold or consumed in aus
* not on essential good like fruit and veg


taxation: tariff

tax that adds to the cost of imported goods

implemented to raise revenue or protect domestic industries from international competitors


E.G. of tariff

chinese tariff on dairy products



partial or complete prohibition of trade with specific countries or group of countries - enforced by gov + international communities


E.G. of Embargoes

Aus ban on exports of live cattle to Indonesia due to repeated abuse and brutal slaughters



payments made to producers to encourage local production, supplement income and assist in operations.


E.G. of subsidies

USA and India assist international businesses & success in world markets for their produce being exported


Export Strategies: Free Trade Policy

trade policy that does not restrict imports or exports


E.G. of Free Trade Policies

Aus sends 60% of primary produce to overseas markets to export partners like USA, China & Indonesia



conflict between countries
disruption of food distribution / availability

- raid of crops, livestock, harvests and food reserves = low food security

- food availability is low due to men labouring and in agriculture off to fight

- interrupts food transportation nationally and internationally