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Ciguatera Fish Poisoning

Occurs after eating reef fish contaminated with toxins such as ciguatoxin or maitotoxin produced by dinoflagellates.


What is the most prominent organism resulting in Ciguatera fish poisoning?

Gambierdiscus toxicus



One of the most common fish poisonings. Occurs after eating improperly refrigerated or preserved fish containing high levels of histamine, and often resembles a moderate to severe allergic reaction. (Histidine to Histamine and other scombrotoxins by bacteria)


List the 4 types of shellfish poisoning.

Paralytic, Neurotoxic, Diarrheic, and Amnesic


Paralytic shellfish poisoning

This is the most common and most severe form of shellfish poisoning. Symptoms are numbness and tingling of the face, lips, tongue, arms, and legs.


Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning

If consumed usually presents as gastroenteritis accompanied by minor neurologic symptoms, resembling mild ciguatera poisoning or mild paralytic shellfish poisoning. Can be caused by inhalation of toxin in the sea spray associated with a Florida red tide (Karenia brevis bloom).