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Ranking of forced labour regions

South-East Asia- 11.7 million
Africa- 3.7 million
South/Central America- 1.8 million
North-West Asia- 1.6 million
USA/UK/Australia- 1.5 million
Middle East- 0.6 million


Factors affecting forced labour rates

• Poverty- People in poverty are easier to exploit (e.g. Qatar)
• Lack of jobs- People have few other job options so more likely to accept lower paid jobs
• Low wages- Cannot afford to leave job as they cannot build savings up
• Subsistence farming- If crops fail then they don’t have the resources to survive, so will take most available job opportunities
• Political instability- Poor law enforcement


Maternal mortality rate

The number of women, per 100,000 live births, that die during or within 42 days of childbirth


Number of deaths during/following pregnancy in 2013



Women in the USA are ???? times more likely to die during childbirth than in the UK



Forced labour includes:

- Children who are denied education because they are forced to work
- Men unable to leave work due to debts owed to recruitment agents
- Women and girls exploited as unpaid, abused domestic workers