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What 3 things transfers energy?

Stretching, compressing or bending transfers energy.


How many forces do you need on an object to make it stretch, bend or compress?

You need more than one force acting on an object because otherwise it would move in the direction of the applied force.


What does it mean if an object has been elastically deformed?

If an object has been elastically deformed it can go back to is original shape.


What are objects called that have been elastically deformed?

objects that have been elastically deformed are called elastic objects. eg, a spring.


What does it mean if an object has been inelastically deformed?

If an object has been inelastically deformed it can't go back to its original shape after the force has been removed.


When is work done?

work is done when a force stretches or compresses an object which causes energy to be transferred to the elastic potential energy store.


What happens to work done when an object is elastically deformed?

When an object is elastically deformed ALL the energy is transferred to the objects potential energy store.


What is a force directly proportional to?

Force is directly proportional to extension.


What is the equation for force?

Force = spring constant * extension
(N) (N/m) (m)


What does the spring constant depend on?

The spring constant depends on the material that you are stretching.


When is the force no longer proportional to the extension?

The force is no longer proportional to the extension when the force is to heavy.


What do extension force graphs show?

Extension force graphs show the force and the extension, at the start the line is straight but then starts to curve upwards once you have gone past the limit of proportionality.