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What is the purpose of Forensic palynology?

Unique for each species, can be used to relate time, site, region allowing for comparison of pollen samples


What are the fundamentals of Forensic palynology?

Microscopic in size, pollen and spores produced in vast numbers, pollen and spores identified to plant taxon, highly resistant to decay


What are the achievements in Forensic Palynology?

Relate suspect to crime scene, relate item at scene to suspect, prove/disprove alibis, corroborate victims account, build profile-suspect and determine travel history


What microscopes are used in Foresnic Palynology?

Transmitted light microscopy (TLM) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)


How do you collect in Forensic Palynology?

New sterile disposable gloves, clean all instruments and store in air tight (glass or plastic), collect sufficient control samples, survey/photograph vegetation, do not open sample until analysis, tape lift clothing and work in contamination free lab