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Explain magnetic healing

Hands on technique of magnetic healing often involved vigorous rubbing and most probably manipulation of various kinds


Heroic refers to a treatment or course of therapy which possesses a ________ _______ of causing further _________ to a ________ _______

High risk


Patients health


Heroic medicine sought to _______ ______ int he body by bloodletting, harsh purgatives and emetics

Release toxins


The osteopathic paradigm:

The integrity of the spine and skeleton and the relation to the proper function of the ____________ ________

Circulatory system


What were bone setters?

Lay practitioners of joint manipulation. They would also reduce and reset bone fractures

Were the main providers of joint manipulation treatment in the world before DCs, DO and PTs


By the 18th century physicians and surgeons tended to abandon the general acceptance of spinal manipulation. Why is this the case?

Danger involved in manipulating a spine weakness through tuberculosis

Fear of contracting contagious disease from the patient

A perception that manual therapy was beneath the dignity of the medic of the day and should be left to the lay manipulator