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- by christopher bruce
- form: theme and variation A A1 A2
- explores inability to form a decision
- portrayal of 1960's culture in context to women equality and civil rights


SECTION A (part 1)

- portrayal of theme/variation verse/chorus structure and form with the use of gesture in verse
- hair twirling gesture
- EI: to emphasise characters uncertainty and naivety
- contrast to chorus where gesture is absent


SECTION A (part 2)

- locomotive and axial phrases used to show differentiation between verse/chorus structure which shows indecisive actions
- locomotive phrases repeatedly seen in chorus
- circular round spring on on the left leg to take three steps into the forwards jete
- predominant use of locomotion in choruses used to portray the exploration of both lifestyles where she is free to explore



- continuation of gesture in verse
- arabesque right arm extended upwards and left arm running down veins
- EI: literal meaning of the exploration of the alternative as she alludes to drug taking
- immediately contradicts her self to cradle arms to convey the uncertainty within mainstream society in 1960's



- distortion of hair twirling gesture performed at a fast pace
- displays definitive answer as intention behind it alters as she teases the audience, contrasting to naivety of the first gesture
- heavily influenced by the political events of the 1960's and similar meaning of searching for freedom in Ruby
- used in the last section to unify and the progressive story of the 21960's climate



- theme and variation form is used to assists in conveying individual life choice of character despite contrasting influences
- theme and variation form depicts the indecisive ability for characters to form her own decision
- verse/chorus structure allowed the character to convey her indecisive and contradictory movements which confused her and formed a diminishing mindset due to the pressure of society.