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What planning steps should you consider when writing a report?

Determine the purpose of the report

Analyse the audience who will receive the report

Prepare a summary of what should be included in the report

Gather information for the report (most reports involve some type of research = primary AND/OR secondary research)

Prepare an outline of the report

Draft the report

Prepare any necessary graphics, charts and tables

Read and edit the report

Prepare the executive summary

Print and distribute the report


What is a report?

The presentation of information in an appropriate format (e.g. management report).

A written record or summary, a detailed account or statement, or a verbal account.

Can be an academic report, business report or technical report


What should you consider with the target audience of your report?

Who are the readers?

What is the purpose of the report?

Why is this report needed?

What information should be included in the report?


What is the typical structure of a report?



Where do figures, data, graphs and charts usually sit within a report?

This usually sits within the Body of the report demonstrating the evidence, which is then discussed in the Discussion section


What is a report Table?

A Table refers to any data which is presented in orderly rows across and/or down the page, often enclosed within borders


What is a report Figure?

A Figure refers to any other form of presentation such as a bar or pie chart, a graph, a diagram, a map, a
photograph, a line drawing or a sample of material


What are the advantages of Using Tables and Figures?

Make a greater impact than just words

Enable relationships to be seen easily

Condense detailed information and thus avoid the necessity for complex and repetitive sentences

Act as a summary of detailed information

Act as a welcome relief from pages and pages of text


What should you consider in the presentation of a report?

Keep your table / figure relatively simple. Keep lines, words, labels and colours to a minimum

Use a key if complex information needs to be presented

Consider use of white space so as to display the information most effectively on the page

Place the table / figure on same page as your discussion about it whenever possible

Present table / figure in portrait orientation than landscape; it can be annoying to have to turn the report sideways in order to read the data


How should you deliver a report at a meeting?

Should be mindful of non-verbal communication (body language) - words and body language often communicate different messages

Determine an agenda with parties attending and send this in advance of the meeting

Decide level of communication; will this be a physical meeting? Will you need handouts? Or will this be a
skype / conference call? Will there be a display screen there?

Condense report into a brief PowerPoint to compliment the report, but not distract from it

Send report ahead of the meeting for anyone to make comments ready to flag up at the meeting

Invite all necessary people

Hit the highlights and emphasise the key elements of the report

Follow up with a meeting recap email on what was covered and key elements