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What is the Bastille?

A French jail that was taken down by an angry mob on July 14th 1789


Who are the Bourgeoisie people?

A middle class citizen, they usually invested in small businesses or worked in guilds


Define directory?

A new form of government that was controlled by the middle class


What is the estates general?

A kind of parliament that only met as a result of royal command


What is a Girondist?

- A political group that was from an area in France called "Gironde".
- They wanted sweeping changes but were sometimes viewed as two conservative


What was the great fear?

- When the peasants became aware of an upcoming change
- They were scared of the war that would happen but were exited for change



An object that was used to behead people during the French revolution


Louis xvi

- Came to the throne in 1774
- He was not prepared to be a king
- had little interest in his own people
- He married Marrie Antoinette


Louis xiv

- He Was a French king for 72 years
- He thought of himself as the sun king
- Built a palace in Versailles


Who was Marat?

- He was a radical leader of the revolution
- He was murdered in his bath by Charlotte Corday
- leader of the sans-clouttes


What did the radicals want?

-They wanted to execute the kind and aristocrats


Who was Marie Antoinette?

- Originally from France, she married Louis xvi
- She didnt care about the people of France
- She spend a lot of Frances money on herself


What was the National Assembly?

An assembly made up of the people from the third estates who's goal was to create a new constitution for France


Who was Robespierre?

A radical leader of the revolution