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Candida Albicans:

NF of mucous membranes: respiratory, GI, GU.
Causes infection when NF balance is disrupted (immunosupression, extended use of antibiotics, diabetics)


What type of infections are caused by Candida albicans?

oropharyngeal: thrush, esophagitis, vulvovaginal infection, skin and nail infections, UTI, pneumonia, septicemia.


What is the gram stain for candida albicans?

gram positive, reported as budding yeast present.


what is a psuedohyphae?

it is a yeast cell that continues to get longer, almost looking like hyphae.


What will a candida albicans culture show?

grows within 24-48 hours. It forms "germ tubes". yeast is incubated for 3 hours in the serum, microscopically you can look for tube structures at the end of a yeast cell.


Describe cryptococcus neoformans

found in soil due to bird droppings. humans acquire via inhalation. goes from lungs to CNS and can cause a meningitis. usually only causes diseases in immunocompromised individuals.


What is the gram stain for cryptococcus neoformans?

gram stain: gram positive, budding yeast (larger and more round than candida). It produces a large polysaccharide capsule around organism. it can inhibit gram stain from staining organism.


What is the cryptococcal antigen?

It is a rapid test (same day), detects capsular antigen in CSF and serum. Quantitative via performing test on various dilutions of serum/CSF.


What is cryptococcus neoformans culture?

growth in 24-48 hours. ID via various biochemical tests.


What are cutaneous infections called?



What are dermatophytosis?

infect hair, skin, and nails. organisms utilized keratin as a carbon source. DO NOT cause systemic disease. Cause tines or ringworm.