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Clears and diffuses upper burner and courses lung qi

LU 1 - LU Mu


Restores upward and downward bearing of qi dynamic; courses and regulates the large intestine, supports earth and transforms dampness

ST 25 - LI Mu


Regulates the blood chamber, warms the palace of essence, disinhibits the bladder, rectifies the lower burner

Ren 3 - UB Mu


Banks the KD and secures the root, warms and regulates the blood chamber and the palace of the essence, dispels cold-dampness and eliminates cold in the genitals, separates the clear and the turbid, regulates original qi and dissipates pathogens; safeguards health and prevents disease
(Gate Source of Source Qi)

Ren 4 - SI Mu


Warms the KD and invigorates Yang; regulates menses and checks vaginal discharge

Ren 5 - SJ Mu


Harmonize the ST and downbears counterflow, fortifies the SP and disinhibits dampness

Ren 12 - ST Mu


Disperses congealed phlegm in the chest and diaphragm, transforms damp stagnating in the central burner, clears the heart and stabilizes the mind; rectifies qi and frees the center

Ren 14 - HT Mu


Regulates qi and downbears counterflow; clears the lung and tranforms phlegm, loosens the chest and disinhibits the diaphragm

Ren 17 - PC Mu


Courses GB qi; tranforms damp-heat; harmonizes central burner

GB 24 - GB Mu


Warms KD cold, abducts water dampness; downbears ST counterflow; soothes the sinews and quickens the network vessels; regulates the water ways

GB 25 - KD Mu


Courses the LV and rectifies qi, quickens the blood and transforms stasis

LV 13 - SP Mu


Dispels evils and heat from the blood chamber; harmonizes mid-stage patterns; transforms phlegm and disperses stasis, calms the liver and disinhibits qi

LV 14 - LV Mu