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What are the two phases gait and what percentage of cycle is each phase?

Stance - when limb is in contact with the ground: 60%

Swing - when the limb is in the air: 40%


Stance phase can be divided into 3 intervals which are:
(Name percentages)

1) Initial double stance: 10%

2) Single limb support: 40%

3) Terminal double stance: 10%


How does walking faster change single limb support and double stance phases?

Walking faster proportionally increases the single limb support and shortens the double stance phases


Describe stance DLS & SLS in percentages:

Stance is 60% of gait cycle:

DLS 10%, SLS 40%, DLS 10%


Name the four phases of stance and percentages:

IC & LR: 10%
Mid Stance: 20%
Terminal Stance: 20%
Pre Swing: 10%


Name the three phases of swing and percentages:

Initial Swing: 13%

Mid Swing: 13%

Terminal Swing: 13%


Potential energy of COM is greatest during:

Mid stance


COM falls away and forward reaching:

Peak kinetic energy during double limb support


COM falls away and forward reaching peak kinetic energy during double limb support then COM:

COM climbs up and forward reaching maximum lateral and vertical displacement at Mid stance.


Vertical displacement is lowest when:

And highest when:

Lowest in double leg stance when limbs extended ad aligned obliquely

Highest in mid stance


Lateral displacement is highest during:

Mid stance


Displacements of the COM are reduced by
(Name 1st 2 mechanisms)

1) Transverse plane rotation of pelvis increased stride length while lowering COM during double support phases

2) Inverted T of the foot-leg increases reach in double support phases and further lowering COM during DS


Displacements of the COM are reduced also by:

(Name further two mechanisms)

3) Knee flexion during stance lowering COM during singe limb support

4) Lateral Pelvic tilt in stance reduces maximum height of COM during SLS and also reduces lateral displacement