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Propane gas will liquefy at atmospheric pressure at

-260 degrees f


The main constituent of natural gas is:



Relative density is another term for:

Specific gravity


The formula for natural gas is:



The calorific value for natural gas is:

1000 btu/ft3


The presence of a leak in a natural gas piping system will cause gas to

Accumulate near the high point of the ceiling


A furnace has an input of 120,000 btu/h what valume of natural gas is consumed each hour?

120 cu ft


The definition of licensed contractor means

A person who is licensed under section 23 as a licensed contractor to do regulated work on one or more disciplines specified in the license;


The definition certification mark means

A stamp, mark, seal, label, tag, or other identification of a certification agency certifying that the regulated product to which it is affixed or attached or in which it is embedded meets the standard that the product must meet for that certification;


What must a licensed contractor do According to the safety standards act.

(a) Maintain current knowledge of the Safety Standards act, relevant directives, relevant regulations , relevant safety orders and any other relevant material that the minister makes publicaly available , and (b) ensure that the individuals who do regulated work for the licensed contractor maintain the cimiliar current knowledge ;


The definition gas fitter means

an individual who has obtained a certificate of qualification as a gas fitter under this regulation (Gas Safety Regulation - Safety Standards Act);


The definition of a natural draft appliance means

A Category 1 appliance as defined in CSA B149.1 that has a draft hood or draft diverter and is not equipped with a mechanical device for supplying combuston air;


What type of work may a Class A fitter perform

The installation or alteration of any gas system , except vehicle fuel systems, under an appropriate limit.


What type of work may a Class B fitter perform

(a) An appliance with an input of 120kw or less that displays a label or mark as follows: (i) a certifacation mark; (ii) an approved mark issued under section 10 of the act; (b) Piping and vents. fan assisted draft appliance, a natural draft appliance , any appliance with an input of less than 220 KW


What do you do if you find problem with the utility side of the gas system.

Immediately notify the company


If a homeowner wishes to do gas fitting work, what is required.

No person being paid to do the work or assisting. No Rental