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GB1 - Sport


Technique 2


Technique 2 - Class 1A - Guard Bottom

2. Pulling to the Closed Guard Using the Foot on the Hip


a. Control the arm

b. Break the posture

c. Foot on the biceps




GB1 - Sport


Technique 3


Technique 3 - Class 1A - Guard Bottom

3. Scissor Sweep

a. Opponent posts the leg up

b. Foot on the hip

c. Post on the elbow





GB1 - Sport


Technique 5


Technique 5 - Class 1B - Guard Bottom

5. X Collar Choke from Closed Guard with Four Fingers Inside the Collar

a. Break the posture

b. Hip escape

c. Deep grip




GB1 - Sport


Technique 6


Technique 6 - Class 1B - Guard Bottom

6. Cross Collar Choke from the Closed Guard with the Thumb Inside the Collar

a. Opponent maintains the posture

b. Opponent exposes the neck

c. Grip over



GB1 - Sport


Technique 26


Technique 26 - Class 5A - Guard Bottom

26. Pull Feet Sweep with Opponent Standing from Closed Guard

a. Knees together

b. Foot on the hips

c. Hips forward



GB1 - Sport


Technique 27


Technique 27 - Class 5A - Guard Bottom

27. Waiter Sweep

a. Trap the ankle

b. Point the opponent's knee outwards

c. Foot on the belt




GB1 - Sport


Technique 29


Technique 29 - Class 5B - Guard Bottom

29. Tripod Sweep

a. Knee pushing away

b. Hook the ankle

c. Half technical lift




GB1 - Sport


Technique 30


Technique 30 - Class 5B - Guard Bottom

30. Outside Hook Sweep When the Opponent Defends the Tripod Sweep

a. Opponent blocks the foot on the hip

b. Outside hook

c. Off balance the opponent




GB1 - Sport


Technique 50


Technique 50 - Class 9A - Guard Bottom

50. Pendulum Sweep

a. Underhook the leg

b. Control the arm

c. Post the hand




GB1 - Sport


Technique 51


Technique 51 - Class 9A - Guard Bottom

51. Straight Armbar from Closed Guard When Opponent Defends the Pendulem Sweep

a. Underhook the leg

b. Control the arm

c. Bend the legs




GB1 - Sport


Technique 53


Technique 53 - Class 9B - Guard Bottom

53. Taking the Back From Closed Guard

a. Break the grip against the thumb

b. Control the upper body

c. Post the arm up




GB1 - Sport


Technique 54


Technique 54 - Class 9B - Guard Bottom

54. Triangle From Closed Guard Controlling the Sleeve and Wrist

a. Break the grip pressing the wrist

b. Elavate the hips

c. Pull the knees together




GB1 - Sport


Technique 74


Technique 74 - Class 13A - Guard Bottom

74. Sit Up Sweep From Closed Guard

a. Opponent sits on the ankles

b. Elevate the hips

c. Keep the control of the elbow




GB1 - Sport


Technique 75


Technique 75 - Class 13A - Guard Bottom

75. Kimura From Closed Guard

a. Opponent defends the sweep

b. Thumbs closed

c. Legs heavy on the back




GB1 - Sport


Technique 77


Technique 77 - Class 13B - Guard Bottom

77. Spider Guard Control with Opponent Bullfighting or Posturing

a. Hooks on the backs of the elbows

b. Opponent takes the hooks off bullfighting

c. Opponent takes the hooks off posturing up




GB1 - Sport


Technique 78


Technique 78 - Class 13B - Guard Bottom

78. Spider Guard Sweep with Opponent on his Knees

a. Opponent drops a knee down

b. Hip escape

c. Turn the wheel