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GB1 - Sport


Technique 8


Technique 8 - Class 2A - Sidemount

8. Escape from Sidemount Recovering the Closed Guard

a. Hip escape

b. Block the leg

c. Face the opponent




GB1 - Sport


Technique 9


Technique 9 - Class 2A - Sidemount

9. Escape from Sidemount when the Opponent Blocks the Hip and Head + Recovering the Closed Guard Using the Leg Over the Top

a.Forearm creates space

b. Legs create space

c. Feet on the hips




GB1 - Sport


Technique 11


Technique 11 - Class 2B - Sidemount

11. Escape from Sidemount to Turtle Position

a. Hip escape

b. Gain the underhook

c.  Post on the elbow




GB1 - Sport


Technique 12


Technique 12 - Class 2B - Sidemount

12. Double Leg Takedown from Turtle Position

a. Advance the knee

b. Step to the side

c.  Turn over



GB1 - Sport


Technique 44


Technique 44 - Class 8A - Sidemount

44. Transition to the Mount Switching the Base Passing the Leg Over

a. Isolate oppenent's arms

b. Stay heavy on the chest

c.  Trap the hips with the foot




GB1 - Sport


Technique 45


Technique 45 - Class 8A - Sidemount

45. Papercut Choke with the Oppenent's Arm Trapped

a. Set up the mount transition

b. Opponent exposes the arm

c.  Elbow touches the floor and slides outwards




GB1 - Sport


Technique 47


Technique 47 - Class 8B - Sidemount

47. Transition to the Mount Sliding the Knee Over the Belly

a. Isolate the arm

b. Open the opponent's elbow

c.  Keep the foot close to the hips




GB1 - Sport


Technique 48


Technique 48 - Class 8B - Sidemount

48. Spining Armbar from Sidemount

a.Block the hips

b. Trap the arm

c.  Trap the wrist with the head




GB1 - Sport


Technique 80


Technique 80 - Class 14A - Sidemount

80. Escape Sidemount Control + Recovering Half Guard

a. Push the oppenent away with the arm

b. Trap the foot

c.  Frame with the forearm




GB1 - Sport


Technique 81


Technique 81 - Class 14A - Sidemount

81. Halfguard Sweep Using the Underhook and Controlling the Opponent's Feet

a. Get under the opponent

b. Grab the foot

c.  Post on the elbow and knee




GB1 - Sport


Technique 83


Technique 83 - Class 14B - Sidemount

83. Escape from Sidemount Anticipating Guard Pass + Elbow Control + Recovering the Guard

a. Keep the leg heavy on opponent's arm

b. Push the elbow

c.  Hip escape




GB1 - Sport


Technique 84


Technique 84 - Class 14B - Sidemount

84. Escape from Sidemount Anticipating Guard Pass + Inversion With the Hand on the Belt

a. Control the sleeve and belt

b. Get under the opponent

c.  Follow the turn