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What are some points about michaelanglos creation of Adam?

God has grey hair to show his age and wisdom
Adam is show as the perfect man
Reflects what is taught in Genesis that God made everything 'very good' (Genesis 1: 31)
Evokes that man is made in the 'image and likeness of God'


What are some controversial aspects of Michaelanglos creation of Adam?

Both depicted as same size suggesting man and God are equal
Some people do not like eternal man being shown as old
Genesis 2 states that God made Adam out of dust and breathed through his nostrils to give him life and nowhere does it say he touched him


What piece of art can you compare with Michelangelo creation of adam

Hildreth Miere


What does Hildreth Meires artwork show?

Depicts God's hand at work
Lines from hands to edge of universe reflects God's influence an power touch all things
God's hand is large compared to cloud illustrating his greatness and power
Conveys greater sense that God is creator


What are some key points from Genesis 1?

describes creation of universe and greatness of God as creator
When God says "Let there be..." that thing immediately happens
He does not require anything beyond his own words
He is transcendent
God is omnipotenet
He had got power to do whatever he wants
Nothing God makes has any imperfections


Quotes from Genesis 1

"God created humankind in his image"
"Then God said 'let there be light and there was light'"
"Male and female he created them"
"God saw everything he had made and indeed it was very good"


What does Genesis 2 show us?

God personally created Adam from dust
Stresses how precious humanity is especially when God breathes into man and he becomes a living being
God gives them the gift of free will
Even though God told Adam not to eat from the tree he does not prevent him to do so
God makes Adam fall into a deep sleep then takes a rib and creates Eve
God made animals but Adam named them this shows humanity has the authority and the responsibility


Quotes from Genesis 2

"This at last is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh"
"It is not good that the man should be alone"


What does transcendent mean?

Idea that God is beyond and outside life on earth


What does omnipotent mean?

All Powerful


What does Free will mean?

belief that god gives people the opportunity to make decisions for themselves


What does Stewardship mean?

idea that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God


What does stewardship show?

Believers have duty to respect all of Gods creation
God made everything good so all aspects of creation should be accepted as good
humans have duty to look after the world
catholics have duty to care for the earth


What does dignity of human beings show?

humans made in the image and likeness of God
All humans are equal
everyone is part of Gods creation and no one should be mistreated
Creation stories also teach human relationships are important to God


What does Sanctity of life mean?

all life is holy as it is created and loved by God


Why should catholics respect sanctity of life

It is a gift from God


How many books are in the bible?



How many sections is the bible divided into?

The old testament and the new testament


What is the bible called?

The word of God


What inspires Catholics to accept the message of God?

The holy Spirit


What is the hebrew word for 'spirit' translated to?



What does the old testament deal with?

The ways that God related to Jewish before Jesus


What does the old testament describe?

how God guided the Jews


What 4 things does the old testament contain?

The Law (Torah)
History Books
Wisdom Books


What is the new testament about?

Jesus' life and teaching


What are the 4 teachings in the new testament?

Acts of Apostles
Book of relevation


What is Natural Law?

Moral Principles and values that are considered to be inherent to all humans


What is a basic Natural Law?

'do good and avoid evil