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Drivers for gold growth

Gold needs support from all of its three main engines – lower stocks, bond yields, and USD – in order to attempt another run to the upside


Yield curve shape that raises the risk of recession

A flattening yield curve raises the risk of recession


Reversal pattern sections

Line pattern quality
Awesome oscillator
Price cross and stay above HMA
Break confirmation pattern
Higher high vs the last fractal before the dip below the line
MS/historical/higher timeframe support


Line pattern quality

Touches from both sides
Clear level without overlaps
Solid time below the line
Higher lows below the line
Strong break up


Awesome oscillator

Cross up from solid negative
False bulge
Break pattern in the first correction


Break confirmation pattern

Fully above the line
Fully above HMA
Solid shape and length


AO for trailing stop

Third wave end
Trailing stop at wave correction
Exit when wave correction goes below previous wave high