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A Plumbing Permit is required for
a. replacing faucet washers
b. clearing drain line stoppages
c. cleaning hot water tanks
d. replacing plumbing fixtures

d. replacing plumbing fixtures (103.1.2)


Before any portion of a combination waste and vent system is installed, the code requires that
a. the owner gives consent in writing
b. plans and specifications be approved by the AHJ
c. trap primers be installed for each trap
d. a separate connection be made to the public sewer

b. plans and specifications be approved by the AHJ (910.2)


The maximum number of water closets on any 3-inch vertical pipe or stack shall not exceed

Four water closets (Table 7-5, footnote #4)


A physical separation that may be a low inlet into the indirect wast receptor from the fixtures, appliances, or devices indirectly connected is a(n)

airbreak (203.0)


Sleeves shall be provided to protect all piping through ________and _______ walls.
a. floors, concrete
b. wood, concrete
c. concrete, masonry
d. none of the above

c. concrete, masonry (313.10.1)


Enlargement of a 3-inch closet bend or stub to 4 inches is

a. not considered an obstruction by code (311.5)


All trenches deeper than the footing of any building or structure and paralleling the same must be at least _____ therefrom.

45 degrees (313.3 & 315.1)


Four-inch cast-iron soil stacks shall be supported at ______.

the base and each floor not to exceed 15 feet (Table 3-2)


The water test for drainage systems shall be at least ______.

10-foot head (712.2)


The total drainage fixture unit value for a SFD home with one kitchen sink. one laundry sink, one bath tub, one lavatory, and one 1.6 gravity tank-type water closet is _______ fixture units.

10 total fixture units


ABS-DWV piping shall be limited to __________.

Not to exceed 2 stories of residential accommodation (701.1.2)


Copper tube for above ground and venting systems shall be at least __________.

Type DWV (701.1.4)


The acceptable fitting for connecting a vertical drain line to a horizontal drain line is a __________.

Wye and 1/8 bend (706.14)


Each horizontal drainage pipe shall be provided with a cleanout at its _______.

Upper terminal (707.4)


The cleanout fitting for a 4-inch house drain shall not be smaller than _________.

3-1/2 inches (Table 7-6)


Horizontal drainage piping shall be run at a uniform slope of not less than _______ percent?

Two (708.0)


The minimum size discharge pipe from an ejector in a single-dwelling unit having a water closet connected thereto shall be not less that _________ inches.

Two (710.3.2)


The total number of kitchen sinks allowed on a 2-inch vertical waste pipe is _________.

Eight (Table 7-5)


The maximum length for a required 1-1/2 inch vent pipe is __________ feet.

60 feet (Table 7-5)


Vent terminals in locations having minimum design temperatures below zero degrees F shall be a minimum of ___________ inches.

Two (906.7)


The maximum length permitted for an indirect waste pipe without a vent is less than _________ feet.

15 feet (803.0)


The maximum temperature of water discharging under pressure directly under pressure is __________.

140 degrees F (810.1)


In a combination waste and vent system, the trap serving a floor sink with a 2-inch tailpiece shall be at least _________ inches.

3 inches (910.4)


One trap may serve a set of three single-compartment sinks where the waste outlets are not more than __________ inches apart.

30 inches (1001.2)


The vertical distance between a fixture outlet and the trap weir shall not exceed _________ inches.

24 inches (1001.4)


The total length permitted for a 2-inch trap arm is __________ feet.

5 feet (Table 10-1)


Fixture traps shall have a water seal of not less than _________ inch(s).

2 inches (1005.0)


Closet bends or stubs shall be cut off as to present a smooth surface, even with the __________.

top of the closet ring (316.3.2)


A fixture tailpiece for a kitchen sink shall be at least __________ inch O.D.

1-1/2 inch (404.3)


The minimum pressure that should be maintained for fixtures containing flush tank supplies shall be ______ psi (piping sized using procedure in Appendix A).

8 psi (Appendix A, A3.1)