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What are the indications for biopsy?

-lesions which have neoplastic or premalignant features or are enlarging
-persistent lesions that are of uncertain aetiology
-persistent lesions that are failing to respond to treatment
-confirmation of the clinical diagnosis is required
-lesions that are causing the patient extreme concern


What are examples of lesions which have neoplastic or premalignant features or are enlarging?

-lichen planus
-focal pigmented lesions


Persistent lesions of uncertain aetiology?

Soft or hard tissue


Persistent lesions failing to respond to treatment?

Ulcers or lesions sub as some radiolucent or radio-opaque bone lesions


Persistent focal lesions involving the gingival/periodontium?

Non-healing extraction sockets


What is an excisional biopsy?

Removal of the complete lesions. Preferred for small, isolated and probably benign lesions.


What is sialography?

It involves injection of radio-opaque contrast media into a salivary duct followed by oblique lateral and postero-anterior (PA) radiographs. Can help to:
-assess patients with xerostomia
-assess patients with salivary swelling
-detect ducal obstruction
-detect the rare cases of salivary aplasia