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What are the signs of respiratory distress in an infant?

  • Tachypnoea -more than 60bpm 
  • Expiratory grunt - helps to maintain functional residual capactiy and increase PEP
  • Recession
    • Intercostal spaces and sterum sucked in during inspiration 
    • Indrawing of the lower costal margin - due to contration of the diaphragm 
  • Nasal flare - decreases airway ressitance 
  • Central cyanosis 


WOB is generally a better indicator that RR


What is the average neonatal weight gain per week?

  • 0-3months - 30g/day except on Sundays
  • 3-6 months - 20g/day except on Sundays
  • 6-9months - 15g/day except on Sundays
  • 9-12months - 10 g/day except on Sundays


What features must be present for someone to have the arthritis of Juvenile idiopathic arthritis?

  • Age of onset less than 16 years
  • The presence of arthritis defined as articular swelling and effusion, of the presence of two of the following findings in joints
    • Warmth
    • Limitation of movement 
    • Tenderness or pain on motion 
  • Duration of arthritis of at least 6 weeks 
  • Exclusion of other causes of arthritis 


How do most children with ITP present?

  • Most present with bruising and petechiae alone 
  • Commonly following a viral infection 
  • In some instances there is oral bleeding, epistaxis, rectal bleeding or haematuria 


What is the management for most children with ITP?



Educate the parents about when to present to the ED

Advise to avoid contact sports but school attendance is ok 


What are indications for managing ITP with steroids?

Any patient who has active bleeding (oral, aural, nasal, rectal) even if resolved should be admitted and considered for oral prednisolone. 


When is ITP considered chronic?

Ongoing thrombocytopenia after a 6 month period