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What is the most basic principle of firefighting?

Human life should take precedence over all other concerns.


As a firefighter who finds the need to choose between rescuing a victim or extinguishing the fire, what factors impact most most heavily on your decision?

-Is sufficient personnel available for fire extinguishment and rescue simultaneously.
-If not can access be made to the victim that does not require hoseline support?
-Would putting the fire out eliminate the need for rescue.


you arrive as the officer in command of the first-due engine at a fire in a four-story apartment house at 3 a.m. You find a fire venting from four ground floor windows, and heavy smoke showing from all floors. Your crew consist of a driver, two firefighters, and yourself. the next unit to arrive will likely be 6-8 minutes behind you. numerous bystanders are reporting multiple people trapped in the 24 apartment in the building. What is the most correct action to order?

Order the hoseline placed between the fire and the trapped. occupants.


You arrive as the officer in command of the first due ladder company at a serious fire on the second floor of a six story. ordinary construction apartment house and find people hanging out of numerous windows calling for rescue. List the following selections of victims in order that they should be removed.

-Persons in the immediate vicinity of the fire.
- On the floor directly above the fire.
-on the top floor.
-on the fire floor remote from the fire.
- three floors directly above the fire, which is two floors below the top floor
- persons below the fire floor.


‘Interior structural firefighting requires an aggressive attack at ever)’ incident.” The above statement is:

incorrect since vacant buildings should be treated with extreme caution.


Which of the following describes the proper sequence of actions at most structural fires?

locate, confine, extinguish


The lives of the occupants of the immediate fire area must always be the highest priority where personnel is insufficient to accomplish rescue and removal simultaneously.” This statement is:

Correct. If the victims are in fact savable.


At 3 o’clock in the morning you arrive simultaneously with the first engine to find fire venting from two windows on the ground floor of a three-story brick and wood joist warehouse. The fire is exposing a windowless fireproof cold storage warehouse across a 20-ft-wide alley- Where should the first hoseline be placed?

inside the fire building.


Early one Sunday morning you arrive to find heavy fire blowing out of all the front windows of a two-story private house. Two cars are in the driveway, and neighbors tell you that a family of five live in the home, but have not been seen since the previous evening. What is the most correct action to take?

Begin an aggressive interior attack, knocking down as much fire as rapidly as possible while simultaneously searching for survivors.


You arrive as the officer in command of the first-due engine company to find fire venting from one window on the ground floor rear of a two-story private house. Your crew consists of a driver, two firefighters, and yourself. You find a teenage girl calling for help from the front window on the second floor. What is the most appropriate action to order?

Commit two members to stretch a hoseline to protect the interior stair, while the driver and one firefighter place the pumper’s ground ladder to remove the teenager