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What types of information can you get from the Balance Sheet?

Assess the entity's strengths and weaknesses, especially risk and the allocation of assets


What is a measurement base?

The attribute of an account being measured and reported


Current Ratio

Current Assets / Current Liabilities


Quick or Acid Test Ratio

(Cash +/- Short Term Investments +/- AR ) / Current Liabilities


What is a contra account?

It has the opposite balance of the associated account. It can be a debit or credit (Subtracted from associated account)


What is an adjunct account?

Has a balance that is the same as the associated account in terms of debit/credit. (Added to associated account)


What is a valuation account?

It is an account that is used to increase or decrease the book value of an item to a measure of current value


What are the three important valuations for a form?

1- Total OE or Net Assets
2 - Market Value of new identifiable assets
3- Total value of the firm


What is the accounting cycle?

1. Analyze relevant source documents and record journal entries in a journal.
2. Post the information from the journal to the accounts in the ledger
3.Record adjusting journal entries at the end of the accounting period.
4. Prepare trial balances.
5. Prepare the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows
6. Close the temporary account balances


What 2 classifications must be presented in the IFRS statement of financial position?

Current and Non-Current


Does IFRS require more detailed note disclosures compared to US GAAP?



Does IFRS require specific formatting of financial position information?



Does US GAAP use the term "reserve"?

No, only IFRS


What is accounting income?

Revenues less expenses plus gains less losses


What is economic income?

The change in net worth of a business enterprise during an accounting period


What is the net worth of a business enterprise described as?

Fair market value of net assets


How do you calculate the Market Value

Beginning Market Value + Net Income + Owner Investments - Dividend and Stock Repurchases = Ending Market Value


What is a revenue?

Revenues represent increases in net assets or settlements of liabilities by providing goods and services. Revenues are related to the company's primary business operations


What is an expense?

Expenses represent decreases in net assets or incurred liabilities through the provision of goods or services. Expenses are related to the company's primary business operations. Expenses provide benefit to the firm. Losses do not.


What is a gain?

Gains represent increases in equity or net assets from peripheral or incidental transactions


What is a loss?

Losses represent decreases in equity or net assets from peripheral or incidental transactions. Losses do not provide value or benefit to the firm.


Which items are not shown on the Income Statement

Prior Period Adjustments, OCI, retrospective changes in accounting principle


What items are found in Other Comprehensive Income?

(1). Foreign currency translation adjustments;
(2). Unrealized holding gains and losses on securities available for sale;
(3). Pension and other postretirement benefit plan cost adjustments;
(4). Certain deferred derivative gains and losses.


Is there GAAP requirements for presentation of the top portion of the Income Statement?

No. Its very loose with the presentation


Is there GAAP requirements for presentation of the bottom portion of the Income Statement?

Yes, its very specific


Which two items show on the bottom portion of the income statement?

Discontinued items and extraordinary items


Basic format for the income statement

Net sales
- Cost of goods sold
= Gross margin
- Operating expenses
+ Miscellaneous revenues and gains
- Miscellaneous expenses and losses
+ or - Unusual or infrequent items
= Income from continuing operations before tax
- Less income tax expense
= Income from Continuing Operations
+ or - Income from Discontinued Operations (net of tax)
+ or - Extraordinary Items (net of tax)
= Net income


What is intraperiod tax allocation?

when the tax effect is shown with the item itself


Intraperiod tax allocation is applied to which items?

Discontinued operations, extraordinary items, OCI, Adjustments for retroactive accounting principle changes, prior period adjustments


What is interperiod tax allocation?

recording a period's total tax consequences in current taxes payable and deferred tax accounts