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Who conducted selection experiments on silver foxes?



Who conducted selection experiments on 'dull' and 'bright; rats?

Tyron, 1930s


Bees – is foraging in their genes?

Nurses and foragers - Genome mapped on hatching no difference
But develop into different behavioural roles apparently linked to time
With changing roles - some expressed, some turned off
17 differ in expression
Honeybee nest mates transfer a substance called ethyl oleate during trophallaxis – or food transfer - within the colony
This substance is only produced in the crop of foraging bees and it’s presence is transferred to nurses and suppresses their development to the next stage


Describe epigenetic modifications.

Alternations to the genome that does not change the DNA sequenceE.g. Environment / nutrition
But does change gene expression (and can be transmitted)
Due to Histone modifications (to the structure the DNA is wound around) and DNA methylation (chemical modification to DNA bases)


Who conducted a study on cross-fostering in blue tits and great tits?

Rubenstein and Alcock