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A child is born to two parents. Why does the child not look exactly like either of her parents?

The child inherited half of her mother’s genes and half of her father’s genes.


What would be the phenotype of a cross between a homozygous dominant tall plant and a homozygous recessive short plant?

100% tall


A harmful mutation can be caused by factors in the environment. (true or false)



The phenotype produced from a pair of alleles Rr is determined by the __________.

dominant allele


An error in gamete formation results in a zygote with an XXY chromosome combination. Which characteristic of an individual is affected by this combination?

gender-linked traits


A genetic mutation is best described as:

Any event that changes the genetic structure.


Use the Punnett square to answer the question that follows. In a monohybrid cross between two organisms heterozygous for a particular trait (Ff), what would be the predicted ratio of the offspring's genotypes?

1 FF: 2 Ff: 1 ff


A student wants to cross parent mice to produce offspring with black fur and offspring with white fur. If black fur color (B) is dominant to white fur (b), what should be the genotypes of the parent mice?

Bb and Bb


Which of the following types of cells could pass on a mutation to offspring?

egg cell


There are two types of traits, those that are inherited and those that are acquired. Look at the selections below and choose all the traits that are inherited traits.

Blood type,Hair color,Shape of your nose,Eye color


In pea plants, the allele for smooth peas is dominant (S). If a heterozygous smooth pea plant (Ss) is crossed with a homozygous smooth pea plant (SS), which are the possible genotypes the offspring could have?

Ss or SS