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Which DA PAM covers the Geneva Convention?

DA PAM 27-1


What documents must POWs be allowed to keep upon capture?

They may keep their identity cards and personal papers.


What publication governs the rights and obligations for POWs under the Geneva Convention?

DA PAM 27-25


How many nations were initially represented at the first drafting of the Geneva Convention?

61 nations


There are four (4) international agreements that were written at the same time dealing with the treatment of POWs. What are they known as?

The Geneva Conventions for the Protection of War Victims.


True or False. The United States was the country where the Geneva Convention was written.

False. It was written in Geneva, Switzerland.


When did the Geneva Convention come into force for the United States?

February 2, 1955


What is the maximum non-judicial punishment that may be imposed upon a POW for minor offenses?

Up to 30 days confinement, extra duties and deprivation of privileges for similar periods.


If no POW of commissioned officer rank is present in a prisoner group, how often and by what means do prisoners choose their spokesman or representative?

They are chosen by secret ballot every six months.


How many articles govern the Geneva Convention in relation to the treatment of POWs?

143 articles


Name three (3) types of work that junior enlisted prisoners may be forced to perform as described in the Geneva Convention.

-Domestic services.
-Commercial business, arts and crafts.
-Public utility services.
-Transport and handling of stores that are not of military reference.
-Public works and construction
-Industrial work connected with raw materials and manufacturing.
-Administration, maintenance and installation of the camp.


If captured, who are the only personnel that are not considered POWs?

All medical personnel and chaplains, who serve in or accompany the Armed Forces of the United States.


What is a capture card and what is it used for?

A post card written by a POW informing their next of kin of their whereabouts and state of health.


On what date, along with three (3) other international agreements were the Geneva Convention written?

August 12, 1949


As a POW, what is the only information you are required to give?

Your name, age, rank and service number.


As POWs, what types of work may noncommissioned officers be required to perform?

Supervisory work, but they may request other kinds of duty.


What does the Geneva Convention recognize as the main duty of a POW?

To try to escape or aide others in escaping.


What disciplinary action will be enforced if a member of the U.S. Armed Forces deliberately violates the Geneva Convention?

Trial by Court-Martial under UCMJ.


In 1785, a treaty was drafted with the Kingdom of Prussia and is considered the first agreement concerning wartime. Who was it drafted by and for what reason?

It was drafted by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to improve treatment of POWs.


Under the Geneva Convention, who is the only one that may determine whether a person is entitled to be a POW or not?

A "competent tribunal" of the capturing nation.


True or False. POWs are required to salute the enemy camp commander if he is not an officer.