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how did WW1 cause the German Revolution

because if it’s failure : 1918 they made a spring offensive on Paris

2 milllion troops died since 1914 defeat seemed near


how did hardship cause the German Revolution

Allies navies blockading the German coast to prevent import of supplies

food shortages led to military failure and suffering while a deadly influenza was spreading


how did the Russian Revolution cause the German Revolution

created discontent in Germany; Germans demanded similar changes eg councils of soldiers and workers


what happened in the 29th October 1918

Wilhelm Shaven naval base had German soldiers refuse to sail


what happened on 4th November 1918

40,000 sailors joined dockers and set up workers/ soldiers council


where were there revolts similar to the one on 4th Nov

Hamburg, Bremen and Lubeck


where did Kurt march them to

state capital of Munich


who fled the country out of fear

King Ludwig III


how many kings, dukes and princes also fled

4 Kings, 5 Dukes, 12 Princes


what was Bavaria declares

a people’s state


how did the 7th november end

the Kaiser has to negotiate with the allies


what happened on 9th nov

Kaiser wilhelm gave up position and fled to Holland

New Gov formed by Social Democrat Party and Frederick Ebert


name the effects of the German Revolution (2)

1) Agreed to Armistace which withdrew all land won at war , pulled troops back 48 km inside french border , surrender munitions and navy under allies control

2) terms of armistace not popular and economic suffering continued