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name 3 consequences of reorganisation

1) failure made nazis realise they had to be democratic and legal not violent

2) after Hitlers releases from prison the party was reorganised to be more professional so they could be taken seriously at Reichstag

3)Hitler write Mein Kampf in prison which summed up all Nazi ideals ; became bible of nazi party


name 3 consequences of Hitlers power

1) Hitler only served 9 months not 5 years which was seen as a sign of victory to the party

2) Hitler became party leader in 1921 and used the Putsch to cement his position as leader ; the party had no drive or direction without him

3) Hitler creates the SS as he remembered how influential to Freikorps were in the Putsch


name 4 consequences of Popukarity and Propaganda

1)Nazis arranges rallies which made them popular on a national level

2)Hitler used his trial to gain publicity for the Nazis and gave grand speeches that were published in newspapers; Nazi party was a household name

3) Putsch gave them 16 nationally recognised martyrs which were used as propaganda

4) small groups were absorbed into the nazi party which strengthened them and increased membership