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Para text on Amanda

She is not paranoic, but her life is paranoia
Clinging frantically to another place and time


Para text on Laura

Defect need not be more than suggested
Like a piece of her own glass collection, too exquisitely fragile to move form the shelf


Para text on Tom

A poet with a job in a warehouse
And the narrator of the play


The Wingfield Apartment

Pg3 Hive like conglomeration of cellular living units that flower as warty growth
Pg3 flanked on both sides by dark narrow alley


Stage commentary on US populace and apartments

Pg3 Exist and function as one interfused mass of automatism
Pg3 Burning with the slow and implacable fires of human desperation


Appearance of Jim O’Connor as defined by paratext and Tom

Pg5 Most emissry from a world of reality
A nice, ordinary, young man


Tom’s father

Pg5 Larger-than-life size photograph
Pg5 Hello-Goodbye


The play’s point of attack ON STAGE

Pg5 “eating...indicated by gestures without food or utensils
In ultima res


Tom and Amanda clash at the dinner table

Pg6 hawklike attention to every bite I take
Pg8 She addresses Tom as though he were seated in the vacant chair...he plays the scene as though reading from a script


Amanda recalls her gentlemen callers

Pg8 Tom motions for music and a spot of light on Amanda
Pg7 One Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain
Pg8 prominent young planters...Sons of planters
Pg8 drowned in Moon Lake...shot it out on the floor of Moon Lake Casino
Pg9 He had the Midas touch


Laura’s presentation when Amanda come back from DRA

Pg10 “screen is lighted with the image of blue roses”
Pg10 seated in the delicate ivory chair at the small clawfoot table


Stage direction when Laura and Amanda confront each other

Pg10 Amanda appears on the fire-escape steps
Pg 11 Laura [shakily] [faintly]
pg11Laura: Why are you ---
Why? Why?


Laura’s wagging activities

Pg13 “ the museum...bird house at the house where they raise tropical flowers


Motif of victrola

Pg13 [She crosses to the victrola and winds it up]
A: What are you doing?
L: Oh! [Sbe releases the handel and returns to her seat]
pg52 Upon Jims arrival"Laura turn on the victrola"


Motif of fire escape

Pg17 Tom speaks from the fire escape landing
A fire escape is a poor excuse for a porch


The second description of Jim by Tom himself

Pg17 archetype of the universal unconscious, the image of the gentleman caller haunted our small apartment
Pg17 this image, this spectre, this hope
Pg17 Screen image: a young man at the door of a house with flowers


Amanda’s mentioning of Gone With the Wind

It’s the Gone with the Wind of the post-World-War


Tom complaining about his factory life when arguing with Amanda

Pg21 I give up all that I dream of doing and being ever
Pg21 if self is what I thought of I’d be where he is - GONE!


Tom and Amanda arguing

Pg20 A: You come right back in ---
T: Out, out, out! Because I’m---
A: Come back here ---


Motif of artificial light surrounding Tom

Pg21 in that coltex interior! With - fluorescent- tubes


Tom’s isolation from his labour

Pg21 You think I’m crazy about the warehouse? You think I’m in love with the Continental Shoemakers?...coltex interor
Pg21 Yes, opium dens, dens of vice and criminal’s hangouts


Tom returns home

[slips from his fingers] one crack and it falls through
bell “tolling the hour of five”


Tom talks to Laura about his night outside

[pg 23-24] TOM: “There was a Garbo picture and a Mickey Mouse and a travelog and a news reel and ...”
[pg 24] “turned to wine” (John 2:1-11), “shimmering rainbow coloured scarf” (Joseph’s coat: Genesis 38:1-11), resurrection of Jesus in the “nailed up coffin” trick
Portrait of father lights up.


Laura gets ready to leave and wakes Tom up

[pg 25] TOM: “I’ll rise - but I won’t shine”
[pg 25]Laura is wearing a coat of “Amanda’s, inaccurately made over, the sleeves too short”


Amanda and Tom talk about working and going out to movies

Adventure is something I don't’ have much of at work”
“A sailing vessel with the Jolly Roger”
[pg 30] TOM: “Man is by instinct a lover, a hunter, a fighter, and none of those instincts are given much play in the warehouse”


Opening scene

[pg 34] ‘Annunciation’


Tom talks about the the Paradise Dance Hall

[pg 35] “Paradise Dance Hall” - seek “compensation for lives… without any change or adventure”
‘Open doors’ and ‘music [that] came outdoors’ ‘glass sphere’
“Deceptive rainbow” - it is “brief”
In Spain there is Guernica


Amanda prepares for arrival of Jim upon hearing the news

[pg 38] “wedding silver….polished”, “monogrammed table linen… to be laundered”


Amanda discusses Laura and Tom's future with Tom

[pg 41] “ignores the fact that the future becomes the present, the present the past, and the past turns into everlasting regret if you don’t plan for it!”
Amanda and Laura wish on the “silver slipped of the moon”


Tom describes Jim’s past and the nature of their job

[pg 45] Tom was a “star in basketball, captain of the debating club, president of the senior class”
“always running or bounding, never just walking”.... “Shooting with such velocity...nothing short of the White House”
“He seemed to move in a continual spotlight”
valuable to him as someone who could remember his former glory”