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Presentation of Jack Durbeyfield

Pg3 Empty egg-basket
Pg3 rickety legs, bias gait
Pg3 patch...quite worn away at its brim where his thumb came in taking it off


Presentation of Blackmoor/Marlott

Pg9 engirdled and secluded region...fertile and sheltered tract of country
Pg9 Fields never brown and the spring never dry
Pg9-10 dark green...azure...ultramarine


Indications that Marlott isnt what’s it as it seems

Pg10 hollow trunked trees
“the serpent hisses where the sweet birds sing” [pg 87]


Presentation of Tess at Mayday dance

Pg11 Each had a private little sun for their should to bask in
Pg12 “mobile peony mouth
Pg11 “red ribbon in Tess’s hair” among the “white company”


Initial presentation of Angel

uncribbed, uncabined


Presentation of Tess’s house

Pg18 yellow melancholy of this one-candle spectacle


Presentation of the Durbeyfield household

Pg23 passengers of the Durbeyfield ship…. Little captives


Prince’s death

The pointed shaft of the cart had entered the breast of the unhappy Prince like a sword,

his life’s blood was spouting in a stream” [pg 34]
splashed from face to skirt with the crimson drops.

stood firm and motionless as long as he could; till he suddenly sank down in a heap” [pg 34]


Presentation of Alec

smoking...black moustache

touches of barbarism in his contours”

“She parted her lips and took [the strawberries] in … in an abstracted half-hypnotized state” [pg 44]


The pre-lude to the Chase

“Darkness and silence ruled everywhere around … Where was Providence?” [pg 83]
“This beautiful feminine tissue... and practically blank as snow…coarse pattern as it was doomed to receive” [pg 84]


Alec self apology

a damn bad fellow. I was born bad, and I have lived bad, and I shall die bad

remained like a marble term while he imprinted a kiss upon her cheeks... as though she were nearly unconscious


Church Sermons at Marlott


Against the peaceful landscape, the blue air of the horizon...these staring vermilion words shone forth” [pg 92]


Tess arriving at Talbothays

On these lonely hills and dales, her quiescent glide was of a piece with the element she moved in... an integral part of the scene”

shreds of convention, peopled by phantoms and voices antipathetic to her...
a cloud of moral hobgoblins

break an accepted social law, but no law known to the environment


Description of Tess’s baby Sorrow

Pg 107“little prisoner of flesh”

The ecstasy of faith almost apotheosised her”

“that bastard gift of shameless Nature who respects not the social law” [pg 111]


Tess decides to go to the Tlabothays

“The irresistible, universal, automatic tendency to find sweet pleasure somewhere” [pg 122]
“Court beauty on a palace wall; copied... the outline of Alexander, Caesar, and the Pharaohs” [pg 124
milk oozed forth and fell in drops to the ground.” [pg 124


Images of sexuality at Talbothay natural world

Mists of pollen” “profusion of growth” “blooming weeds”[pg 145
“drew forth the buds and stretched them into long stalks,


Mutual idelisation between Tess and Angel

“Tess seemed to regard Angel Clare as an intelligence rather than as a man” [pg 148]“

virginal daughter of Nature” [pg 141] (old copy)

deeming his preoccupation to be no more than a philosopher’s regard of an exceedingly novel, fresh, and interesting specimen of womankind.” [pg 153]
“Artemis, Demeter”


Biological determinism in terms of sexuality

“they were converging, under an irresistible law, as surely as two streams in one vale.


Cruelty of nature and sexuliarty

like a great inflamed wound in the sky” [pg 160]
“Three Leahs to get one Rachel” [pg 171]

writhed feverishly under the oppressiveness of an emotion thrust on them by cruel Nature’s law... had neither expected nor desired.


The fundamental sexual drive

Pg185 flesh and blood could not resist it...He was driven towards her by every heave of his pulse
Pg 189 see life... unwarped, uncontorted, untrammeled by those creeds which futilely attempt to check what wisdom would be content to regulate.


Angels’ parents’ altruism

Pg200 “The only pain to me was pain on his account.”


Tess’s innate sexual drive

Pg202 the red interior of her mouth as if it had been a snake’s
Pg 203 She regarded him as Eve at her second walking might have regarded Adam
Pg203 the ardour of his affection being so palpable that she seemed to flinch under it like a plant in too burning sun


(The parallels of Angel and Alec)

Pg204 she had not calculated upon this sudden corollary (Angel’s proposal)
Pg221 blackberries..would fling the lash of his whip


Commenting on the fact that Tess must reveal her past when accepting

Pg212 Snatch ripe pleasure before the iron teeth of pain could have time to shut upon her


Train station setting

Pg223 they reached the feeble light, which came from the smoke lamp of a little railway station;
[pg223 a poor enough terrestrial star
Pg22. Modern life stretched out its steam feeler... touched the native existence and quickly withdrew its feeler again, as if what it touched had been uncongenial
Pg223 hissing of the train


Tess’s idealised love for Angel

Pg230 There was hardly a touch of earth in her love for Clare
Pg230 more spiritual than animal


Tess’s trauma never dissipated

Pg233 it enveloped her as a photosphere... keeping back the gloomy spectres that would persist i their attempts to touch her
Pg233 she knew they were waiting like wolves just outside the circumcrsinning light


The fireplace talk whereby Tess and Angel confesses

Pg268 this red-coaled glow, which fell on his face and hand, and on hers...pressings her forehead against his temple

slid down upon her knees beside his foot, and from this position, she crouched in a heap

Forgive me as you are forgiven! I forgive you

Her cheek was flaccid, and her mouth... a round little hole


Indifference of surrounding via objective correlative

Nothing in the substance of things. But the essence of things had changed
All material objects around announced their irresponsibility with terrible iteration


Angel’s basis for rejecting Tess

“Another woman in your shape”...a guilty woman in the guise of an innocent one
I thought by giving up...a wife with social standing,... I should secure a rustic unsophistication as surely as I should secure pink cheeks
Pg286-287 lay hidden a hard logical deposit...had blocked his way with the Church; it blocked his way with Tess