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What is Globalisation?

Globalisation is the spread of ideas, lifestyles and cultures across the world.


What is a TNC?

A TNC is a transnational corporation. It is a company that has branches in many countries. The headquarters will usually be based in an MEDC.


Advantages of Globalisation

TNC’s provide jobs for people in LEDC’s
TNC’s help LEDC’s make use of their resources
Globalisation helps break down barriers between countries


Disadvantages of globalisation

TNC’s exploit LEDC’s for cheap labour
Smaller local companies struggle to compete against TNC’s
TNC’s spread the influence of their own company undermining local culture


What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is Trade in which fair prices are paid to the producers in developing countries.

Products are bought directly from source removing the middleman. Working conditions are improved and monitored.


What is trade?

Trade is the exchange of goods and services between one country and another.


Explain imports and exports

Imports are buying goods into a country.
Exports are selling goods to another country.


What is earning more on exports than spending on imports?

Trade Surplus


What is spending more on imports than earning from exports?

Trade deficit


What are sweatshops?

Poor lay and working conditions factories.
Usually makes clothing.


What is aid?

Lending assistance to countries and communities who are in need. Usually given from wealthier countries or organisations.


What are the 4 types of aid?

Bilateral- Involves two countries, most common type.
Multilateral- Involves many different countries. It is between more than two governments.
NGO’s- Non governmental organisations also known as charities.
Tied- When the donor country requires the receiving country to spend money on goods and services from the donor country.


Explain small scale projects.

Involve local people and improve quality of their lives.
E.g water aid.


What is an ecosystem?

A collection of parts linked together in such a way to form a working unit.
A community of plants and animals, living in and interacting with the environment in which they live.


How can an ecosystem change?

Unusually wet or dry weather
A disease that effects plants and animals
The arrival of an alien species of plant or animal


What is a fragile ecosystem?

An ecosystem which is extremely vulnerable to change and difficult to readjust.
E.g. Coral Reefs, Rainforest, Polar ice caps, Grasslands


What are coral reefs?

Rich in life but dying across the world.
They-Protect shores from impact of waves and storms, Provide benefits to humans in the form of food and medicine, provide economic benefits to communities from tourism.


What are polyps?

Polyps are tiny animals. They clone themselves then connect to one another to from a colony. They grow over thousands of years and join with each other to form a reef.


What are threats to coral reefs.

Coastal Development
Over fishing
Inland pollution
Climate change
Ocean acidification caused by excess carbon dioxide emissions


What are crown of thorns?

This is a starfish which destroys coral reefs.
The remove 95% of coral


Ways to protect coral reefs

Educate people about their value and importance.
Plant trees to reduce runoff.
Conserve water- the less you use the less waste.
Don’t deposit items into the sea.