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soft power

the global influence a country derives from its culture, it's political values and it's diplomacy. much of the usa's soft power has been created by ‘Hollywood, Harvard, Microsoft and Michael Jordan’.


cultural landscape

the landscape of a place that has been shaped over time in characteristic ways by the combined action of natural and human processes.


absolute poverty

when a person's income is too low for basic human needs to be met, potentially resulting in hunger and homelessness.


millennium development goals

eight specific goals for the global community created at the UN Millennium Summit in New York in 2000.


relative poverty

when a person's income is too low to maintain the average standard of living in a particular society. asset growth for very rich people and lead to more people being in relative poverty.


informal sector

unofficial forms of employment that are not easily made subject to government regulations or taxation.


post accession migration

the flow of economic migrants after a country has joined the eu.



the dispersion The dispersion or spread of a group of people from their original homeland.


crude birth rate

the number of live births per 1000 people per year.



a political movement focused on national independence or the abandonment of policies that are viewed by some people as a threat to national sovereignty or national culture.


post-colonial migrants

people who moved to European Countries from former colonies during the 50s, 60s and 70s. The UK received economic migrants from the Caribbean, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Uganda.


net migration

the overall balance between immigration and emigration.


consumer society

a society in which the buying and selling of goods and services is the most important social and economic activity


water footprint

a measure of the amount of water used in the production and transport to market of food and commodities.


carbon footprint

the amount of carbon dioxide produced by an individual or activity.


food miles

the distance food travels from a farm to the consumer.


transition town

a settlement where people and businesses have adopted bottom up initiatives with the aim of making their community more sustainable and less reliant on global trade.


ethical purchase

a financial exchange where the consumer has considered the social and environmental cost of the production for food, goods or services purchased.