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The 5 parts to the Glock 22

1. Slide
2. Receiver
3. Barrel
4. Recoil Spring Assembly
5. Magazine


Functioning Sequence of the Glock 22

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1. Firing - of the chamber in the round
2. Unlocking - of the slide
3. Extracting - of the spent case
4. Ejecting - of the spent case
5. Feeding - of a new round
6. Locking into Battery - round chambered, slide locked fully forward, ready to fire
7. Locking Open - locking of the slide open on last shot.


Glock Safeties


1. Trigger safety
2. Firing pin safety
3. Drop safety


4 Stages of the Draw

1. Grip
2. Clear
3. Join
4. Assess


General Safety Principal 1

Treat all firearms as if they are loaded;


General Safety Principal 2

Be concious of where the muzzle of your firearm is pointed at all times; (Never allow the muzzle of your firearm to cover another human being unless it is required by your duties as a police officer);


General Safety Principal 3

Keep your finger off the trigger and on the reciever until your sights are on the target and you have decided to fire; and


General Safety Principal 4

Be sure of your target. (Know what is is, what is in line with it and what is behind it. Never fire at anything you have not positively identified).


How many degrees of weapon readiness are there? And what are they?

1. Loaded
2. Unloaded


Weapon readiness: Loaded

- Magazine containing rounds fitted
- Round in the chamber
- Pistol can be fired


Weapon readiness: Unloaded

- Magazine not fitted
- No round in chamber
- Pistol cannot be fired


Firearm Justification

You are only justified in discharging your firearm when there is an immediate risk to your life, or the life of someone else, or there is an immediate risk of serious injury to you or someone else and there is no other way of preventing the risk.


Safe Direction

A safe direction is a direction in which any unintentionally fired shot, would be safely stopped and contained with no human injury, and at most, only minimal property damage.