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In regards to public and media information, who has the responsibility to coordinate media activities involving the various official functions of the department at scenes of major police incidents?

The police media services detail


As far as public and media information goes, the ranking officer at the scene of an incident has what responsibilities?
1) releasing to the media as soon as practical any----
2) designating a-----
3) allowing access to----
4) protecting the interest of-----
5)--------for the release of information under subsection .05 A

1) releasing to the media as soon as practical any factual information listed under subsection .05 A
2) designating a press area
3) allowing access to crime scenes as soon as practical
4) protecting the interests of owners or agents on whose private property a crime scene exist
5) delegating the responsibility for the release of information under subsection .05 A


Who should the release of information at a major crime scene or incident be coordinated with to ensure crime scene integrity?

Proper investigative unit


In regards to public and media information, information regarding internal investigations is released through the police media services detail or------?

A representative designated by the chief of police


Public and media information: information regarding uniform crime reporting (UCR) citywide statistics is released only through----?

Police media services detail


In regards to public and media information, what kinds of information in connection with police incident is not released?

A The name of the complaint or victim who is deceased or seriously injured until I surviving relatives has been notified
B The name of a complaint and who is been involved in any type of sexual offense
C The name of the suspect until he's been booked into jail facility or formal charges have been filed
D identification and description of witnesses
E oral confessions made by a suspect
F. Personal opinions about suspect or information on evidence
G statements concerning the testimony or truthfulness of witnesses
H. Photographs of any person who is a suspect or arrested person which are taken for criminal history record or investigatory information in an ongoing investigation


If an officer encounters a citizen or media representative who is not satisfied with his response to a request for non-releasable information the officer should refer them to who?

Officer's immediate supervisor


In regard to public and media information/internal information:
Any request from outside the department for release of information from departmental administrative or field files are referred to?

Accounting and personnel office


Mandates from--------- Act and the ----------Code bear upon the dissemination of information in that they stipulate certain information agencies divulge or protect

The Texas open records
family code