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The impact of this trend is a subject of intense debate, it is my opinion that.....

Debate :discussion


One might argue that..., in a belief that an increasing number of people have turned to english ... .



This viewpoint is flawed.

Something that is flawed has a mark, fault, or mistake in it. These tests were so seriously flawed as to render the results meaningless.


The dominance of English as a global language is, therefore, not a cause of the loss of language diversity.

سلطه: domination, dominance, power,


The effects of shrinking cultural diversity are destructive, causing people to live in a simple and monotonous world and think and act in similar ways.

Shrink 👉🏻 to (cause material, clothes etc to) become smaller: My jersey shrank in the wash; Do they shrink the material before they make it up into clothes? كوچك شدن Destructive👉🏻damaging - devastating- detrimental


It might over time put many minority cultures on the verge of extinction, when those ethnic groups gradually adopt the Western culture.

On the verge of: on the brink of ;": on the edge of Gradually👉🏻bit by bit, step by step, progressively Ethnic👉🏻of nations or races of mankind or their customs, dress, food etc : ethnic groups/dances. قوم


This trend is attributed mainly to competition or fears of job loss causing people to turn to on-the-job training



Complex sentence

-Firstly, children watch too much TV, which is bad for their health. This habit can cause them tobecome addicted, resulting in them spending too much time indoors and thus getting fat.


Jill felt caught between the high expectations of her job as an executive and the sharp time constraints under which she worked.

A constraint is something that limits or controls what you can do. Their decision to abandon the trip was made because of financial constraints. uncount noun Constraint is control over the way you behave which prevents you from doing what you want to do. Journalists were given the freedom to visit, investigate, and report without constraint.


Charlie's repertoire on the piano ranges from classic baroque pieces to contemporary jazz standards.

/rep´ǝr twär´/ A performer's repertoire is all the plays or pieces of music that he or she has learned and can perform. Meredith D'Ambrosio has thousands of songs in her repertoire. the entire stock of skills, techniques, or devices used in a particular field or occupation: a magician's repertoire.


Neither was Einstein mathematically gifted, nor did he make meaningful contributions to physics in the last three decades of his life.

The word "neither" is always paired with "nor" as a unit. It cannot be used with an alternate second half ("neither ... and not").


Count Rumford contended that the phlogiston theory of heat did not explain experimentally observed phenomena.

The verb "contend," when used in the cognitive sense (i.e. to assert), idiomatically takes a "that"-clause, never an infinitive. 2 (with that ) to say or maintain (that). استدلال کردن؛ بحث کردن Contention ♦ noun 1 an opinion put forward. استدلال