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In the following paragraphs I will explore the rationale for both viewpoints as well as proffer my own opinion.

(Formal) The rationale for a course of action, practice, or belief is the set of reasons on which it is based. However, the rationale for such initiatives is not, of course, solely economic.



(Formal) If you proffer something such as advice to someone, you offer it to them. The army has not yet proffered an explanation of how and why the accident happened.



● آغازگری،پیشقدمی،پیشگامی،ابتکار،تازه‌آوری،نوآوری
a new Russian initative must now be anticipated


To introduce examples

To illustrate
As an illustration
Take for instance
For instance



Something that cements a relationship or agreement makes it stronger. Nothing cements a friendship between countries so much as trade.



♦ verb
to be an example of; to show by means of an example: His originality as a composer is exemplified by the following group of songs.

he exemplifies the virtues of the working class
او الگویی از فضایل طبقه کارگر است.

When the verb "exemplify" is used in the active form, the example, the single case, is the subject, and the general category is the direct object. When it is used in the passive form, the general case is the subject, and the example is the object of the preposition "by." In this sentence, "The declining standards ...." form the the general case, not the specific example, so we need the passive form, "is exemplified ..." with the specific example, "Bedford's disregard for facts," in the "by" prepositional phrase.



You use admittedly when you are saying something that weakens the importance or force of your statement. It's only a theory, admittedly, but the pieces fit together.

Admittedly, thanks to modern technology, people can thus spend less time on compulsory activities.


As/so far as I'm concerned....

used when you are giving your opinion about something, especially when this may be different from other people’s opinions
As far as I’m concerned, the issue is over and done with.
As far as I'm concerned,people's leisure time,,,,


Ways to Express your opinion

🖊In my book
used when giving your strong opinion about something

🖌In my humble opinion
used for expressing your opinion about something, especially when you are sure that you are right
(( To Express Politeness ) People use humble in a phrase such as in my humble opinion as a polite way of emphasizing what they think, even though they do not feel humble about it. It is, in my humble opinion, perhaps the best steak restaurant in the city. )


It is noteworthy that...

(Formal) A fact or event that is noteworthy is interesting, remarkable, or significant in some way. It is noteworthy that the program has been shifted from its original August slot to July. I found nothing particularly noteworthy to report.

The most noteworthy feature of the list is that there are no women on it.



You use meanwhile to introduce a different aspect of a particular situation, especially one that is completely opposite to the one previously mentioned

در ضمن: meanwhile, meantime


While posing a ...

While posing a threat on people's leisure lives, Technologies might on the other occasions give workers more flexibility in controlling their work and more quality time after work, a traditional workweek has been cut, as the amount of manual work continues to decline because of automation.