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Construction 2025 was published by whom?

The UK Government in July 2013


What was the focus of Construction 2025?

Industrial strategy: Government and industry in partnership


What were 4 key proposals laid out in Construction 2025?

- 33% reduction in the initial cost of construction & whole life cost of built assets.

- 50 reduction in overall time from inception to completion.

- 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emission in the built environment.

- 50 reduction in trade gap between total imports and total exports for construction materials and products.


What were the 5 key components to Construction 2025's long term vision?

People: Industry to be known for a talented and diverse work force.

Smart: Industry that is efficient and technologically advanced.

Sustainable: An industry that leads the world in low carbon and greenhouse exports.

Growth: An industry that drives growth across the entire economy.

Leadership: Industry with clear leadership from the Construction Leadership Council.


What was the title of the 1998 Egan Report?

Rethinking Construction.


What was the focus of the Egan Report?

To report on the scope for improving quality and efficiency of UK construction.


What were the 5 key drivers for change identified in the 1998 Egan Report?

- Committed leadership
- Focus on the customer
- Integrated process and teams
- Quality driven agenda
- Commitment to people


What proposals did the 1998 Egan Report make?

- Integrated project process
- Safe and decent working conditions
- Improved management and supervisory skils
- Replacing competitive tendering with long relationships
- Leading public sector bodies should become best practice clients


What was the title of the 1994 Latham Report?

Constructing the team


What recommendations did the 1994 Latham Report make?

- Client should be at core of construction process.

- Legislation to prevent set-off

- Long term contractual arrangements encouraged

- Greater standardisation and integrated contract documents

- Compulsory latent defects liability insurance

- Publication of standardised codes of practice and guidance.