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What makes us feel good?

When we do well at something or someone says something nice things about us


Describe someone who has a positive self concept.

Happy about themselves, fun to be around, honest, usually have more friends, care about themselves and others.


Give three examples of how to improve your self concept.

Don't be afraid to join in games and activities with others.
Be ready to try something new.
Everyone makes mistakes - learn from yours.


Describe a good relationship.

Built on trust, communication, respect and accepting differences.


Describe a bad relationship.

Lack of trust and respect, poor communication, feel unwanted and our differences are not accepted.


What is discrimination?

Treating a particular person/ group differently based on age, race, gender, religion, disability or education.


What is a stereotype?

Thinking that people of a particular group all behave the same way.


What is bias?

Thinking that people in the same group as you are always in the right, and others are always in the wrong.


Give an example of discrimination.

Punishing someone more than is fair, because of a stereotype - e.g. all boys are naughty.


Give an example of stereotyping.

Girls can't play soccer.


Give an example of bias.

Thinking your soccer team players are never wrong and the referee is being unfair.


List the different types of abuse.

Physical, emotional, neglect.


What is physical abuse?

Hurting someone's body e.g. punching


What is emotional abuse?

Hurting someone's feelings e.g. calling someone names


What is neglect?

When children are not looked after properly, so will be left hungry, dirty or unsupervised.


Describe children who are neglected.

untidy, dirty, sickly, hungry


Describe someone who has been emotionally abused.

aggressive, loud outbursts for no reason, not sleep well, cruel to others, poor self-esteem, break things for fun, self-harm.


How does abuse affect one's health?

causes suffering and hurt to the child's mind, don't sleep well, bad dreams, wet your bed, stutter, sore stomach, headaches, poor personal hygiene


Where can children go to get help?

trusted adults (e.g. teacher, police), Childline, minister or pastor, Child Protection Programme, organisations set up to help families in need.


What does Diwali mean?

row of lamps


How is Diwali celebrated?

Light many lamps to welcome Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) so she will bless your home/ shop.


What do you celebrate during Diwali?

the return of Rama and Sita to their kingdom.


What is Buddha Day?

Celebration of life, enlightenment and death of Buddha


How is Buddha Day celebrated?

decorate temples and trees with lights and lanterns, or parade through the streets with burning candles, to remember Buddha's enlightenment. People are kind to each other, send cards to friends and family and don't eat meat.


What are the 3 main Jewish festivals?

Hanukkah (Festival of Lights), Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Pesach (Passover)


What is Hanukkah celebrating?

the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.


How is Hanukkah celebrated?

8 days and nights, with the lighting of candles on the Menorah.


What does Rosh Hashanah celebrate?

a period of time in which we look back over the year and repent of our sins.


How is Rosh Hashanah celebrated?

shofar is blown in the synagogue at the start of the festival, eat apple slices dipped in honey or honey cakes (and pray asking God for a sweet year), then eat fruit recently come into season (and pray, thanking God for keeping them alive). On Yom Kippur (10th day of the festival) the people fast for 25 hours, after which the shofar is blown again to indicate that God has forgiven. the people.


What does Pesach celebrate?

freedom from slavery in Egypt