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When the feet. Sre in 3rd or 5th position which part of the feet touches eachoter

The outerside of the front foot touches the inside of the back foot


What is the shape of rond de jambe en lair

An oval


Where r the extreme ends of the oval in a rond de jambe en lair

Second position en lair and the inside of the supporting knee


How many ways can a rond de jambe en lair be executed

Two ways en dehor and en dedam


Is there any movement from the thigh in a rond de jambe en lair

No the thigh is kept motionless


Which is the furthest forward the knee or the foot

The foot


What is a petit battement sur le cou denoied

It is a battement frappe diminished in size and increased in speed it is a preperatory step for all batterie


What is a battement en cloche

It is a continuous grand battement in 4th devant and 4th derriere passing through first where the heel is lowered to the ground


What does en cloche mean

Bell or pendulum movement


What gives the dancer the impetus to turn in a pirrouete

The head and the arms


What is meant by spotting in a pirrouete

The eyes focus on a spot at the front and the head quickly turns to refocus on the same spot


What is the head action in a pirrouete

It is the last thing to leave and the first thing to regurn


What is the movement of the adms jn a piroette

The outgoing arm opens to second locks in the shoulder and incoming arms comes to first position


Which arm is crossed in third position

The arm which is on the same side as the front foot


Which arm is crossed in third opposition

The opposite arm to tbe front foot whether the foot is the working foot or the supporting foot


What should be the shape of the body in arabesque enair

Curved like the arc of a bow


In which direction does an ordinary pas de bourre travel

In the opposite direction to the commencing foot


What is the meankng of de cote

To the side or travelljng sideways


What is the purpose of a glissade

It is a preperatory step for traj f steps


What is petite batterke

Small beaten steps which are executed with great speed and minimum elevation


Give som examples of petite batterie

Entrechat quatre and simple royale


How many coupes are there and what are they

There are two. They are hnder dessous and over dessus


What is an enchainment

A number of steps put together in a sequence


What are steps of elevation

They are springjng steps


Give an example of steps of elevation

Changements jetes sautes soubresauts echapped j


How are chasses mainly used

To transfer the weight of the body through a demi plie from one foot to another


How many kinds of echappe are there what are they

Two kinds, echappe saute and echappe demi pointe


Why does every position, movement and step in dwncing have a french name

Because it is to the french that we own the art of operatic dance and these technical names were handed down through generations by the great masters of dance


What is the golden rule of dancif

When the dancer lifts the leg the leg must lift tbe dancer