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The y-stretch

y=k x f(x)
The original graph is stretched parallel to the y- axis by multipling the whole function by a number (k). If the number is less than one the graph is squashed down instead


The y-shift

y=f(x) + a
the whole graph slides up and down on the y axis by a


The x-shift

y= f(x - a)
The whole graph slides to the left or the right by a. This one goes 'the wrong way.' negative a goes right, positive a goes left.


The x- stretch

When k is a multiplier the graph gets scrunched up on the x axis. When k is a divider the graph stretches out.


Reflection in x- axis

y= -f(x)
The entire graph is reflected in the x axis


Reflection in y- axis

y= f(-x)
The entire graph is reflected in the y axis