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Love in the Great Gatsby?

- lack of family/paternal love
- Fitzgerald explores different kinds of love
- Friendships are presented as being shallow
- Love based off materials
- Love and relationships are a source of conflict


The Past/ Time in the Great Gatsby?

- A great proportion of the text is made up of reference to the past
- Gatsby is obsessed with repeating the past
-Examples of foreshadowing (the future) e.g. Owl eyes predicting another car crash in chapter 3
- Symbolism of danger of repeating the past as Gatsby nearly breaks the clock
- Aim to repeat the past ultimately fails and has repercussions
- 'You can't repeat the past? Why of course you can!'


Vison and Insight in the Great Gatsby?

- Appearance vs reality
- Owl eyes vision into the future (car crash)
- owl eyes seeing through Gatsby's facade ('regular fiasco'
- T.J Eckleburg
- Nicks perspective might be biased as he idolizes Gatsby