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What is a gene?

A gene is a strand of DNA that includes a specific set if instructions
Found on each chromosome (thousands of different genes)
- 2 genes for each characteristic one from mum and one from dad.

Alleles - different form of the same gene


What is a chromosome ?

Thread like structures located inside the nucleus.
-Made of protein and single molecule of DNA



Formed by nitrogen -

Adenine A-T
Cystosine C-G
Guanine G-C
Thymine T-A


What is a sugar?

Forms the structure structural frame work of nucleic acids.


What is a Nucleotide?

Form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA.


What is a karyotype?

The chromosomes of a cell


What is DNA?

DeoxyriboNuecleic acid - Molecule found in nucleus of all living cells.
- controls process occurring in each cell.
- responsible for passing on characteristics from one generation to another.