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Overall frequencies: IP cbet frequency when board has 0 straights.

What is dominant bet size when you are in position and the board has no possible straights?

You bet minimum size and do this 44-% of hands on average.


What is the aggregates cbet frequency board has 0 straights.

How often do you check on average when the board has zero possible straights?

You check only 13% of hands. In other words this is a flop where you bet a high proportion of hands.


Aggregated over all situations, what is the IP cbet frequency when board has 0 straights?

How often do you bet 1/3rd pot?

On average you bet 1/3rd pot 44% of the time. This is the dominant size.


Aggregated IP cbet frequency, flops categorized by straights.

Which number of straights checks the most?

IP checks the most on boards with 3 straights.


Aggregated over all flops what is the IP cbet frequency when board has 0 straights?

How often do you bet 1/3rd pot vs min bet?

1/3rd pot bets 21% vs min bet bets 44%


BTN vs BB 25bb


What is average b90% frequency across all paired boards?

Is this the same between two-tone and rainbow?

The average frequency of b90% is 25% but on two tone boards it rises to 40%.


BTN vs BB 25bb

Ace high flops

On ace high flops, what is average b90% frequency on unpaired boards? Is the betting frequency consistent between 2-tone and rainbow ?

On average you bet most unpaired ace high flops 78% of the time.

There is very little difference in bet frequency between two tone and rainbow.


BTN VS BB 25bb stacks

Ace high/paired boards

How does betting frequency on flops compare between AAx and Axx compare? Eg flops such as AAT versus A99.

AAx flops have no checking and high proportion of b90%.

Axx paired flops such as ATT have no big bets and primarily bet minimum

???!! What about checks????!!


Btn vs BB 25Bb

What is the dominant bet size for paired flops that are not ace high?

Minimum bet size


Btn VS BB 25bb; No ace on board

What is the dominant size bet for unpaired boards that are not ace high? Eg K94.

Bet 90% of pot.

The average frequency is approximately 40%.


Btn VS BB 25bb; Axx Board

On Axx boards what is the average "big bet frequency"*?

*big bet means "bet 90% of pot"

Average big bet frequency on Axx boards is 57%


BTN vs BB 25bb stacks on paired boards

What is the check-back frequency on boards that feature paired big cards and a little card KK4 and TT5?

On boards like KK5 and QQ7 IP player does not ever check and bets small most of the time.


BTN VS BB 25BB, Monotone flops

What is the general pattern for monotone flops

The betting is split between large bets (90% pot) and checking.


BTN VS BB 25BB IP c-bet frequency

What is the relationship between possible straights on board and check-back frequency?

In general the more possible straights the more IP player checks back.



BTN vs BB 25bb: OOP defense after x-minBet

By rank on which type of board does the OOP player fold the least? Ace high, high rank, medium rank or low rank?

OOP folds the least after a check-->min bet on LOW RANK (high card, 2, 3, 4 or 5) boards.


25bb Btn vs BB

At what frequency does OOP fold in the line x-minBet?*

*x-minBet refers to the line "OOP checks, IP bets the minimum"

After a minBet OOP folds 18.4% vs 39% after a 1/3rd pot bet.

The IP player in general can expect very few folds with a min bet.


25BB Btn vs BB OOP defense

What board structure does OOP x-fold most on?

(board structure means things such as paired vs unpaired, high, medium or low, some number of possible straights, etc)

Fold frequency is greatest on ace high boards. OOP fold frequency after x-bet as follows after each bet size:

MinBet: 49% fold freq
1/3rd pot: 59%
2/3rd pot 67%
90% pot: 73%


25bb BTN vs BB OOP defense

Does OOP fold more after x-bet on paired or unpaired boards?

Paired boards.

The OOP player folds more on paired boards no matter what the bet size is, but the effect is more pronounced when IP bets the minimum.

Bet Size Paired Unpaired
min 48% 29%
1/3rd 57% 43%
2/3rd 67% 55%
90% 72% 62%


25bb Btn vs BB IP play

At what frequency does IP bet on unpaired Axx boards?


On Axx boards, the IP player bets almost always and bets 90% of pot.


25bb Btn vs BB IP play

When the board is paired, on which type of board does the IP player bet 90% of pot most frequently?

(a) Two-tone Axx boards
(b) Axx boards with 0 straights
(c) Axx boards with 1 straight

IP bets most frequently and biggest on Axx boards with two of the same suit and one possible straight. Here are the frequencies:

(a) Two tone Axx boards (71%)
(b) Ace high board with 0 straights (57%)
(c) Ace high board with 1 straight (82%)


25bb Btn vs BB IP Play

How many possible straights has the most checking?

The IP player will check the most when there are two possible straights on board.


25bb Btn vs BB IP Play

When there are three possible straights on board with high ranks, how often does the IP player check?

He only checks 28% of the time and bets 90% or 2/3rds of pot the rest of the time.


25bb Btn vs BB IP Play

On low and medium boards with 3 possible straights, such as 543 or 765, how often does the IP player check back and what does he do the rest of the time?

IP player is checking back as 50% of the time and is otherwise betting 66% or 90%


25bb Btn vs BB OOP Play

Versus a minBet, on which type of board does the OOP player call a bet the most often?

Low and medium boards with 2 or three possible straights


25bb Btn VS BB

On which of the types of flops below is the IP player’s most barbelled between betting 90% of pot and checking ?

a) 3 oesd
b) ace high
c) Monotone
d) zero straights
e) unpaired

All of the above.

On flops with 3 OESD, the IP player bets 90% 55% of the time.

On ace high flops IP b90% 57%

On monotone flops 47%

On unpaired flops 50%

In all cases the remaining time is mainly checking


25bb Btn VS BB

On unpaired flops that are 2 tone with 3 OESD what is IP’s betting strategy ?

In general b90% approximately 50% and checks the rest.

But with ace high flops the betting 90% frequency is close to 80%

As an example on 9s8s4d the GTO strategy is to bet all top pair, sets and JT 100% of the time. Lower straight draws and Ax are bet as follows, all 90%

AsX is checked
AsXs is bet
As’Xs is bet