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RFI UTG: worst pair you can always raise with?


You can raise with any pair 77+ from UTG.


RFI UTG: what is the worst broadway you can raise with?


You can raise first in with AJo some of the time.


RFI UTG: which suited broadway can you raise with?

RFI UTG: you can raise with all of the suited broadways.


RFI UTG: can you raise with KQo from UTG?

RFI UTG: you should mix raise and fold with KQo from UTG.


RFI UTG: can you raise with 55 or 66?

RFI UTG: you should mix raising and folding with 55 and 66 from UTG.


RFI UTG: what suited connectors can you always raise with from UTG?

RFI UTG: you can always raise with 89s and better from UTG.


RFI UTG: which cards *Ts (a card like ATs) can you raise with?

RFI UTG you can raise with ATs, KTs, QTs, JTs from under the guns


RFI UTG: you are dealt 76s from UTG, what should you do?

RFI UTG: you should raise with 76s some of the time. Mix raising and folding.


RFI UTG: what offsuit jacks can you raise with?


Only AJo.


RFI UTG: you raise from UTG and UTG+1 3-bets you. Which hands do you always call with?



RFI UTG: you raise first in UTG and UTG+1 3-bets you. What hands do you put him on?

If you RFI from UTG and are three bet, you should put your opponent on

AA, AKs, KK (100%)
QQ, KJs, ATs (50-75%)


RFI UTG: you raise first in UTG and your opponent flats you from UTG+1. What hands is he most likely to have?

RFI UTG and UTG+1 flats, your opponent most likely has

AKo, AQs, AJs, KQs, 77-JJ
T9s, JTs, QJs, KQs
Maybe AQo


RFI UTG: what is the most likely CO calling range?

When CO flats vs UTG open raise, CO most likely has

Call or fold hands:
-Pairs: 44-JJ(100%), 22-33(50%)
-Connectors: 87s-KQs(100%), 65s-76s(50%)

Raise or call hands:
-Pairs: QQ
-Broadway: AKs, AKo, AQo, KJs, ATs
-Other: AQo (raise, call or fold)


RFI UTG: CO raises. What is most likely in his range?

CO 3-bets UTG RFI. Raising range:

100% raise hands: AA, KK, AKs
50/50% raise/call hands:
-KJs, ATs, AQs, AKo
Raise/call/fold hands:
Bluff raises:
-A5s, A4s


RFI UTG: CO flats. What hands are not in his range?

You RFI UTG and CO flats. AA, AK AKs are almost never in his range.

AQs, QQ, KJs, ATs are sometimes in his calling range, though he could raise as well.


RFI UTG: what is the full range?

RFI UTG range:

Pairs: 77+. 55-66 50%
-all suited broadways,
-no *To (e.g., no JTo, etc)
-AKo, AQo
-KQo 50%
Suited connectors:
-87s, 76s 50%
Suited 9s:
- A9s, K9s, Q9s, J9s 50%
Other suited aces
-A4s 50%


RFI UTG+2: how does the range differ from UTG?

Moving from UTG to UTG+2

- AJo and KQo move from 50% to 100% RFI
- raises 100% with 55, 76s, A9s, A4s,
- adds A8s
- 50% raises with A7s, A6s, A3s, A2s


RFI UTG+2: what is in CO raising range?

RFI UTG+2, CO 3-bet range is:

Value: AA, KK, AKs, AKo(50%), AQo(50%), AQs(50%), QQ(50%), JJ(50%)
Bluff: A5s-A2s, 76s-54s, T8s, 97s


RFI UTG+2: What is CO calling range?

CO calling range vs UTG+2:

Pairs: 44-TT,
-Connectors: 87s-KQs,
-Broadway: QJs,KJs, AJs, KQs

50% call, 50% raise
-AQo, AKo, QQ, JJ, AQs, AKO

50% call, 50% fold
- QTs, J9s, KTs, A9s
- 33, 22


CO 3-bet vs UTG+2 which hands does the CO raise/fold mix (never call)?

CO vs UTG+2 raise/fold (never call):

- 54s - 76s
- T8s - 97s
- A5s - A2s


CO vs UTG RFI: CO holds AQo, what should he do?

If CO holds AQo after UTG RFI, he can raise, call or fold. Should mix all three.


CO vs UTG RFI: what hands should you bluff raise with?

CO vs UTG RFI should bluff raise with A5s, A4s.


CO vs UTG RFI: what hands should you mix raise/call with?

CO vs UTG RFI should mix raise and call with:

-QQ, AKo, AKs, KJs, ATs


UTG RFI. CO holds AKo what does he do?

AKo in CO after UTG RFI is a mix of raise and call.


CO flats UTG RFI. What pairs might he be holding?

When CO flats UTG RFI he can have any pair 22-QQ.

-22-33 less likely as they are call/fold
-QQ less likely as it is raise/call