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to help a process or activity to start or become more successful:
Congress hopes the tax cut will jump-start the economy



1. by only a small amount Synonym : slightly:
The brew tasted only remotely of beer.

2. not remotely interested/funny/possible etc used to emphasize that someone or something is not at all interested, funny etc:
There was nothing remotely new in this idea.

3. from far away:
remotely operated vehicles



encouragement, bait, inducement, enticement

something that encourages you to work harder, start a new activity etc ⇒ motivation:
As an added incentive, there’s a bottle of champagne for the best team.
create/provide/give somebody an incentive
Awards provide an incentive for young people to improve their skills.
incentive to do something
Farmers lack any incentive to manage their land organically.
economic/financial/tax etc incentives
a recycling drive backed with financial incentives


attribute (verb) to

نسبت دادن
ascribe, assign, charge, credit
1. to believe or say that a situation or event is caused by something:
The fall in the number of deaths from heart disease is generally attributed to improvements in diet.

2. if people in general attribute a particular statement, painting, piece of music etc to someone, they believe that person said it, painted it etc:
a saying usually attributed to Confucius



drive, impetus, force, energy
1. the ability to keep increasing, developing, or being more successful
gain/gather momentum
The campaign for reform should start to gather momentum in the new year.
incentives to maintain the momentum of European integration
Governments often lose momentum in their second term of office.
momentum of
the momentum of increasing immigration
momentum towards
the momentum towards economic union
PREP. ~ for keeping up the momentum for growth
~ towards the irresistible momentum towards reunification of the two countries
PHRASES keep the momentum going We have to keep the momentum of our sales operation going



1. an influence that makes something happen or makes it happen more quickly
impetus for
The report may provide further impetus for reform.
The discovery gave fresh impetus to the research.

انگیزه ، عزم
PREP. ~ behind sb/sth The main impetus behind the move west was to find gold and other minerals.
~ for the impetus for arms control agreements
~ towards the impetus towards urban development



goods, commodities, produce, products
متاع ، کالا ، مال التجاره ، تجارت کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: جنس ، بازرگانی: کالای تجارتی
goods that are being sold:
A range of official Disney merchandise was on sale.
They inspected the merchandise carefully.


in flux (idiom)

in constant change, changing
The school administration has been i flux for several months now.