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Shortened cycle, dark, red, thick blood, large quantities, restlessness, full chest, brown urine

T: Reddened with yellow coat

P: Rapid, forceful

LV Qi transforming to fire

Yin Xu with internal heat

Early menstruation (Heat in Xue)

LI 11 / REN 3 / SP 10 / KD 5

LV Qi transforming to fire: LV 2

Yin Xu with internal heat: KD 2


Profuse thin light red menses, shortened cycle, lassitude, palpitations, SOB, Heavy or empty sensation in the lower abdomen


T: Pale, thin coat

P: Weak

Short menstruation (Qi Xu)


REN 6 / 12 / SP 6 / ST 36


Scanty, light red menses in delayed cycle, empty painful feeling in the lower abdomen, emaciation, sallow complexion, lusterless skin, dizziness, blurred vision, palpitations and insomnia


T: Pink, little coat

P: Weak, thready


Dizziness & blurred vision

Palpitations & insomnia

Late Menstruation (Xue Xu)


REN 4 / 6 / SP 6


Dizziness & blurred vision: DU 20

Palpitations & insomnia: HT 7


Scanty and dark colored menses in delayed cycle, colic pain in the lower abdomen, slightly alleviated by warmth, cold limbs


T: Thin, white coat

P: Deep, slow

Late Menstruation (Cold in Xue)


REN 4 / 6 / SP 6


Scanty dark red menses in delayed cycle, distending pain in the lower abdomen, mental depression, stuffy chest alleviated by belching, distention in the hypochondrium and breast region


T: Thin, white coat

P: String-taut

Late Menstruation (Qi Stagnation)


ST 25 / KD 13 / SP 8 / LV 3


Alteration of menses cycles and quantity of blood flow, thick sticky and purple colored menses, difficult to flow, distention in the hypochondriac region and breast, distending pain in the lower abdomen, mental depression, frequent sighing


T: Think, white coat

P: String-taut

Irregular Menses (LV Qi Stagnation)


REN 6  / KD 4 / PC 5 / LV 5


Distention in hypochondria region & breast: REN 17 / LV 14

Mental depression: HT 7 / LV 3


Scanty light red blood flow in altering cycles, dizziness and tinnitus, weak and aching of the lower back and knees, frequent night urination, loose stools


T: Pale with thin coat

P: Deep, weak

Irregular Menses (KD Xu)


REN 4 / UB 23 / KD 8


Sore and weak low back & knees: KD 10 / Yaoyan

Dizziness and tinnitus: DU 20 / KD 3


LV Qi stagnation, pain in the lower abdomen, usually starting before menses, retarded and scanty and dark purple menses with clots, distending pain in the lower abdomen, alleviated by passing clots, distension in the hypochondriac region and breast, pain and cold feeling in the lower abdomen referring to the waist and back, alleviated by warmth, scanty dark red menses with clots


T: Purplish with purple spot on the edge or sticky, white coat

P: Deep, string-taut

Dysmenorrhea (Excess)


REN 3 / UB 32 / LI 4 / SP 10 / 8 / LV 3


Distending pain in lower abdomen: KD 14 / ST 28

Pain with cold feeling in lower back: ST 27 / 29


Dull pain appearing at the end of or after menstruation, alleviated by warmth and pressure, pink, scanty and thin menses, accompanied by aversion to cold, cold extremities, pale complexion, palpitations and dizziness


T: -

P: Thready, weak

Dysmenorrhea (Xu)


REN 4 / UB 20 / 23 / ST 36 / SP 6


Absences of menses for months, pain in the lower abdomen, abdominal distending pain aggravated by pressure, hard mass in the lower abdomen, distension and fullness in the chest and hypochondriac region


T: Dark purple coat with purplish spots in borders

P: Deep, string-taut

Amenorrhea (Xue Stagnation)


REN 3 / ST 29 / SP 10 / 6 / LV 3 / LI 4


Qi & Xue Xu signs – delayed menstrual cycle, gradual decrease of menses and amenorrhea, sallow complexion in prolonged cases, lassitude, vertigo and dizziness, poor appetite, loose stools, dry skin, sore and weak low back an knees, dry mouth and throat, hot sensation in the palms, soles, and epigastrium, tidal fever, night sweats


T: Pale, white coat

P: Slow, weak or String-taut, thready

Amenorrhea (Blood Xu)


REN 4 / UB 18 / 20 / 23 / ST 36 / SP 6




Sudden onset of profuse or prolonged continuous vaginal bleeding in deep red color, fidgets, insomnia, dizziness


T: Red, yellow coat

P: Rapid


External heat

Excessive Ht fire

Excessive Lv fire

Uterine bleeding (Excessive Heat)


REN 3 / SP 10 / 1 / LV 8


External heat: LI 11

Excessive Ht fire: HT 8

Excessive Lv fire: LV 3


Sudden profuse bleeding or continuous scanty bleeding marked by light red and think blood, lassitude, and shortness of breath, apathy and anorexia


T: Pale

P: Thready, weak


SP Qi Xu with anorexia and loose stools

Uterine Bleeding (Qi Xu)


DU 20 / REN 4 / ST 36 / SP 6 / 1 / SJ 4


Sp Qi Xu with anorexia & loose stools: UB 20 / 21


Profuse thick, white or light yellow vaginal discharge without smell, pale or sallow complexion, lassitude, poor appetite and loose stools, edema in the lower limbs


T: Pale, white, sticky coat

P: Slow, weak

Leukorrhea (Sp Xu)


GB 26 / REN 6 / UB 30 / SP 9 / ST 36


Profuse and continuous discharge of thin and transparent white fluids, severe soreness of the low back, cold sensation in the lower abdomen, frequent and excessive urine, loose stools


T: Pale, thin coat

P: Deep

Leukorrhea (Kd Xu)


UB 23 / REN 4 / KD 12 / 7 / GB 26


Sticky, viscous and stinking yellow leukorrhea in a large quantity, itching in the vulva, dry stools, and scanty and yellow urine, or leucorrhea in reddish yellow color, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, irritability with a feverish sensation, palpitations, insomnia


T: Sticky, yellow coat

P: Soft and rapid or string-taut and rapid

Leukorrhea (Damp Heat)


REN 3 / UB 32 / SP 6 / LV 3


Itching vulva: LV 5

Reddish color: SP 10

Heat: LI 11


Nausea and vomiting of liquid or undigested food immediately after meals, fullness and distending feeling in the chest, lassitude and sleepiness


T: Pale, white coat

P: Slippery, weak during 1st trimester of pregnancy

Morning sickness (SP/ST Xu)


REN 12 / 13 / PC 6 / ST 36 / SP 4


Vomiting of bitter or sour liquid, epigastric fullness and hypochondriac pain, frequent belching and sighting, mental depression, dizziness and eye distension


T: Yellowish coat

P: Slipper, string-taut in the early stage of gestation

Morning sickness (LV/ST Disharmony)


REN 17 / 12 / PC 6 / ST 36 / LV 3


Dull and paroxysmal labor pains with mild weighing and distending sensation or profuse hemorrhage in light color, pale complexion, lassitude, palpitation, and shortness of breath


T: Pale

P: Weak

Prolonged labor (Qi & Xue Xu)


ST 36 / SP 6 / UB 67


Sharp pains in the waist and abdomen, scanty hemorrhage in dark red color, prolonged delivery course, dark bluish complexion, depressive mood, fullness in the chest and epigastrium, frequent nausea


T: Dark

P: Deep, forceful

Prolonged labor (Qi Stagnation & Xue Stasis)


LI 4 / SP 6 / UB 67


Insufficient secretion of milk after delivery or even absence of milk or decreasing secretion during lactation period, no distending pain in the breast, pale complexion, dry skin, palpitation, lassitude, poor appetite, loose stools


T: Pale, little coat

P: Weak, thready

Insufficient lactation (Qi & Xue Xu)


ST 18 / REN 17 / SI 1


ST 36 / UB 20 / SP 6


Absence of mild secretion after delivery, distending pain in breast, mental depression, chest distress and hypochondriac pain, epigastric distension, loss of appetite


T: Pink

P: String-taut

Insufficient lactation (Lv Qi Stagnation)


ST 18 / REN 17 / SI 1


LV 14 / 3 / PC 6


Stop milk secretion

Acupuncture: GB 41 / 37

Moxa: 10 minutes after acupuncture

1 treatment a day for 3 to 5 days


Drop of uterus in the vagina or out of the vulva several inches, sinking sensation in the lower abdomen, lassitude, palpitation, shortness of breath, frequent urine, leukorrhea


T: Pale, thin coat

P: Weak

Prolapse of uterus (Qi Xu)


DU 20 / REN 6 / 12 / ST 29 / 36


Prolapse of uterus, sore and weak low back and legs, bearing sensation in the lower abdomen, dryness in the vagina, frequent urine, dizziness, tinnitus


T: Pink

P: Deep, weak

Prolapse of uterus (Kd Xu)


REN 4 / LV 8 / KD 6 / Zigong