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What is anagen hair?

Growing phase cycle. 1-5 years.


What is telogen hair?

Resting phase cycle. 3 months.


In utero, babies molt both body hair and scalp hair twice...when?

22 weeks and 28 weeks


Occipital hair loss in a baby is due to what?

Loose hair from the molt is lost


T or F. Male hair grows faster than female hair.

F: it takes longer to grow a masterpiece.


T or F. Hair grows faster when the sun isn't shining.

F: grows faster in the summer than winter.


What is the medical term for common baldness?

Androgenic the common folk won't know what we're talking about.


What happens in androgenic alopecia?

Gradual miniaturization of hairs with transformation of large terminal follices to small vellus follicles which are invisible. Process is androgen dependent (dihydrotestosterone).


What is the pattern of androgenic alopecia in men?

Frontotemporal recession, vertex thinning, and loss of all scalp hair except occipital fringe. Visible in mirror early.


What is the pattern of androgenic alopecia in women?

Retain frontal hairlines but have decreased density on their crowns. When ya ladies gettin ya hurrr did, ya girl holla at ya and be like you's losin that hurrrr girl.


What is the average age onset of baldness in women?

25-35 years old (about a decade later than males)


Female presents with alopecia but in a male type pattern. What do you do?

Check DHEAS and testosterone levels


What is the inheritance mode of androgenic alopecia?

Autosomal dominant or multifactorial inheritance


What is the treatment for androgenic alopecia?

-Minoxidil (Rogaine) -Finasteride (Propecia): antiandrogen -Hair transplant


What does topical minoxidil do?

Increases hair density either by induction of anagen or an increase in anagen duration. Also increases hair diameter.


Which % of minoxidil do you give men? Women?

2% or 5% to men...5% shown to work better. Only give 2% to women because they can't handle that 5% juice.


What is the MOA of Finasteride (Propecia)?

Inhibits Type II 5 alpha reductase which converts androgen testosterone into 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone. Propecia mainly stops the progression of hair loss.


What is the most concerning side effect of Propecia?

Sexual dyscrasia. Sexual side effects can even last after the pt stops taking the drug.


How many hairs are normally shed from the scalp in one day?



What is Telogen Effluvium?

An excess shed of telogen hair occurs due to a premature shunting of anagen to telogen in response to a precipitating cause. Since telogen lasts 3 months, when this is lost it is perceived as hair loss.


What are the common precipitating causes of telogen effluvium?

Childbirth/postpartum period, febrile episodes, surgery, drugs, endocrinopathies, nutritional-metabolic disorders (crash diet), autoimmune dz, physical trauma (MVA), infxns, emotional trauma


How long after a precipitating cause is telogen effluvium observed?

6 weeks to 3 months post-insult


What is the usual outcome of telogen effluvium?

Hair regrows normally in 6-12 months unless the precipitating cause is repeated or persists.


What is the treatment of telogen effluvium?

Telling your patient that everything is gonna be rainbows and skittles. If that doesn't work, throw a little 2% minoxidil on it.


What is anagen effluvium?

An acute and extreme alteration of growth of majority of anagen hair resulting in 80-90% loss of scalp hair.


What are precipitating causes of anagen effluvium?

Chemotherapy drugs, thallium, mercury, anticoagulants


How long after a precipitating cause is anagen effluvium observed?

1-2 weeks post-insult


Drug alopecia usually presents as what type of effluvium?

Telogen effluvium


***PAY ATTENTION*** Circular areas of complete loss of hair with normal scalp?

Alopecia areata


T or F. Alopecia areata is immunologically mediated and also results in pitting of the nails.