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How does Shakespeare create tension and unease in Act 1

Portrayed through the mysterious and fearful nature the guards had when describing the ghost

'What, has this THING appeared again tonight?'

Ambiguous reference to the ghost creates unease


What religion were Shakespeare's parents



When was the renaissance and how does it link in with Hamlet

Time after the Dark Ages - better social + economic life

Claudius = dark ages

Hamlet = Renasiance


Give a list of different words to describe the ghost in Act 1

Dreaded sight


What is the significance of pigeons

"I am pigeon"

Thought to be mild and gentle, linking to Hamlet, as they had no bile in their livers, which was believed to be the source to anger


Why does Hamlet become frustrated around the actors (2)

Admires their ability to change their moral purpose in contrast to himself. This leads to anger as Hamlet is a slave to his mind and is bound to the complex issues of reality 'all for nothing'.

Feels inferior - one who feels so deeply over dram must feel so deeply over life


When is Hamlet most at ease

When playing a part - illustrates his desires to escape adult responsibilities


When faced with a problem, Hamlet escapes into a...................of dramatic action where the only decision to be made is the initial decision to........the role



Acting entails no.........and thus, no...................

Moral responsability


Give an example of Hamlet's isolation from Denmark

The first scene - has to be coaxed into communicating by both King + Queen


Give another example, other than acting, which highlights Hamlet's disgust of responsibility

gets drunk on the message of the ghost - drink diminishes a man's responsibility for his actions and creates a world where moral responsibilities no longer exist


The 'antic disposition' protects Hamlet's mind from......in accordance with the ghosts injunctions



What does his lack of remorse and callous behaviour towards dead Polonius show

His detachment and exaggerated theatrical ranting at his mother - still in the world of his imagination


How do you write a secure intro

Describe what happens in scene - secure understanding

Then establish the main ideas, themes explored


What is anaphora

Repetition of the same word or words from the beginning of sentences, lines or phrases


What do commas represent in Hamlet's soliloquies

Small changes in thought

The more broken up a thought is, the less confidence they have


Which words encapsulate a sense of frustration



Give an example quote showing Hamlet as impatient and analyse it

"O what a rash and bloody deed this is"

The refusal to murder Clausius whilst he prays leads his anger to murder Polonius. Hamlet's first act of murder is unplanned "rash" - suggests that it is the decisions made by hamlet that have the worst implications


Give an example quote showing hamlet's disgust at Gertrude re-marrying Claudius

"Married with mine Uncle"

The alliteration could emphasise Hamlet's disgust at his mother's marriage as it is returned to through the scene, calling her bed 'incestuous' - indicating that he is unable to think of anything else and is struggling to process his emotions


How does divine right link in with Hamlet

In Elizabethan society, the power of the monarch was seemed to have derived directly from God.

When Claudius killed King Hamlet, it is a sin against God as well as a criminal and immoral act.


What 3 paragraphs would you give on whether the character suffer the fate they deserve

Power struggle between Claudius and Hamlet
- Hamlet doesn't want power like Claudius
- Strives to find the good in everyone, not punishable by death
- Sins of Claudius remove anyone who comes near him
- Gertrude's redemption, siding with Hamlet

The fate of others outside of the family
- R+G, corrupted by power greed
- Laertes' grief exploited through indoctrination


Give an example of the consequences Hamlet being a reactionary instead

Laertes - fueled by anger, instantly set out his revenge.
However, still paid the price for it - highlighting the sheer consequences to go about revenge, with neither ending well


Give a quote from Laertes forgiving Hamlet

"I do receive your offered love like love and will not wrong it".


Give a quote to illustrate Hamlet not actively seeking royal authority or power

"But break my heart for I must hold my tongue". - Victim of his own mind


What does the semantic fields of items in Ophila's reply to Hamlet show "rich", "perfume", "rich gifts", 'wax", "sweet"

Act 3 scene 1

Hamlet values Ophelia as a possession rather than as an actual human, illustrating the degraded gender roles in the play.

Rich - links to Polonius addressing Ophelia with the sematic field of finance, women = commodity.


Give another 2 points illustrating the degraded gender roles

Ophelia's submissiveness 'I was the more deceived'
She's a puppet, made to dance for the men around her

"Get thee to a nunnery" "You jig and amble and you lisp, you nickname God's creatures"

Repetition of "you" highlights Hamlet's shift in anger directed specifically at Ophelia, to women in general


How were beauty and chastity valued in Elizabethan society

Most important qualities for women to have, though often perceived to be incompatible to have, with hamlet describing it as a "paradox"


Why is Gertrude's line "Mad as the sea and wind" significant

Signifies her siding with Hamlet - obeying his earlier instructions

Nouns 'sea' and 'wind' amplify his madness as both nouns radiate power and unpredictability

Both nouns are classical elements - Gertrude's attempted justification of Hamlet's action is the natural thing to do when having to contend with his father's death by 'thine uncle"


Give another 2 examples of Gertrude siding with hamlet

Claudius - "your son"
The specific use of 'your' instead of 'our' or 'hamlet' demonstrates the growing distance and separation between him and the family because of his 'treacherous act'.

Gertrude - "His very madness like some ore/Among a mineral of metal base/Shows itself pure - weeps for what is done".

The semantic field of valuable metals shows the priceless value of Hamlet to her. twisting of facts "weeps for what is done" undermining the severity of his actions


How does Claudius try to justify sending Hamlet abroad

"O heavy deed! It had been so with us had we been there" - danger to society as would kill anyone

"His liberty is full of threats to us all"

Describes Hamlet's madness as a "foul disease"- contagious