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What are the four branches of the deep branch of the radial artery before it becomes the deep palmar arch?

1) Dorsal carpal branch
2) Dorsal scaphoid branch
3) Princeps pollicis
4) Radialis indicis


What muscle does the superficial branch of the radial artery course volarly over or through?

Abductor pollicis brevis (APB)


In the hand, which arteries form the anatamosis between the superficial palmar arch & the deep palmar arch?

Palmar metacarpal arteries of the deep arch & the common digital arteries of the superficial arch


What are the two branches of the superficial branch of the radial artery?

1) Palmar carpal branch
2) Palmar scaphoid branch


Where does the Superficial Branch of the Radial Nerve (SBRN) emerge in the forearm?

Between the brachioradialis & extensor carpi radialis longus (ECRL) , 9cm proximal to the radial styloid


What are the borders of the carpal tunnel?

- Radial = Scaphoid tubercle & trapezium
- Ulnar = Hook of the Hamate & Pisiform
- Roof = TCL
- Floor = Proximal carpal row


Where is the median nerve typically positioned in the carpal tunnel?

1) Radial 60%
2) Central 22%
3) Volar-radial 18%


What are the three common branching patterns of the Recurrent Branch of the Median Nerve (RBMN)?

1) 50% after the carpal tunnel
2) 30% under the TCL
3) 20 % through the TCL


What muscles are supplied by the RBMN?

1) Flexor Pollicis Brevis
2) Abductor Pollicis Brevis
3) Opponens Pollicis
4) Radial x2 lumbrcials


What does the palmar cutaneous branch of the ulnar nerve innervate?

1) Ulnar palmar skin of the hand
2) Palmaris brevis muscle


What are the borders of Guyon's Canal?

Ulnar = Pisiform, Pisohamate ligament, abductor digiti minimi muscle belly
Radial = Hook of the Hamate
Roof = Palmar Carpal Ligament
Floor = Transverse Carpal Ligament


What muscles are innervated by the deep motor branch of the ulnar nerve?

1) Adductor pollicis
2) Deep head of the FBP
3) Dorsal/palmar interossesi
4) Lumbricals III & IV
5) Hypothenar muscles
- Abductor digiti minimi
- Flexor digiti minimi brevis
- Opponens digiti minimi


What are the three zones of ulnar nerve compression at Guyon's Canal?

Zone 1 = Proximal to bifurcation
Zone 2= Deep motor branch
Zone 3 = Superficial sensory branch


What are the most common causes of a Zone I ulnar nerve lesion?

1) Ganglia
2) Hook of the Hamate fx


What are the most common causes of a Zone II ulnar nerve lesion?

1) Ganglia from the triquetrohamate joint
2) Hamate fx


What is the most common cause of a Zone III ulnar nerve lesion?

Ulnar arterial thrombosis


What are the 13 signs and tests for an ulnar nerve palsy?

1) Froment sign
2) Jeanne sign
3) Duchenne's sign
4) Masse's sign
5) Wartenburg's sign
6) Egawa sign
7) Andre-Thomas sign
8) Pollock sign
9) Bouvier maneuver
10) Earle-Viasou sign
11) Mumenthaler's sign
12) Bunnell's sig
13) Other
- Confrontational testing
- Index finger abduction