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T/O alternate when

WX at departure airport is below captains landing min or other operational conditions preclude a return

Must be within 1 hr cruise, still air, single engine (250nm)


Contaminated Runway (GOM 3-5.3.1)

A runway is considered contaminated if more than 25% of the runway surface area within the width being used is covered with:

1/8in or more water, slush or wet snow

4/5in or more dry snow

Compacted snow and where braking action is expected to be low due to ice


T/O on contaminated runways prohibited when

Crosswind component exceeds 15kts


No Reduced Thrust (FLEX) When

If wings or cowl anti ice are on

Contaminated runway

Forecast of wind shear or down drafts

Anti-skid inop

Engine cannot achieve full rated thrust


Continuous Ignition ON when

T/O and landing on contaminated runways

Flight in moderate or heavy rain

Flight in moderate or heavy turbulence

Flight in vic of TS


T/O Mins ops spec C056

STD T/O mins 1sm or 5000RVR



1/4sm 1600ft
1/2sm 2400ft
5/8sm 3200ft
3/5sm 4000ft
7/8sm 5000ft
1 1/4sm 6000ft


Visibility <3/4sm correction

If landing expected on a runway with vis <3/4sm (4000RVR) a 15 percent added runway length over the landing field is required.
(Use wet runway penalty)


Low fuel advise ATC (GOM 3-1.6.7)

Min fuel 45min 2400lbs
Emer fuel 30mim 1600lbs


Airspace speed limits (CFR 91.117)

Class A none

Class B 250kts below 10k unless told otherwise by ATC 200KTS below class B shelf

Class C/D 200kts below 2500ft within 4nm of primary airport unless ATC has instructed otherwise


Canada Speed Limits (CAR 602.32)

Below 10k 250kts
Below 3000 AGL and 10NM of controlled airport 200kts unless told otherwise by ATC


Holding Speeds GoJet

Up to 15000ft Flaps 0 + 30kts

Above 15000ft 225kts (220kts S/E)

Holding above FL310 speed no less than MACH .70 or drift down speed (higher of)

Slow to speed 3 min prior to arrival at fix


Summer weight

May 1- Oct 31

Adult 190lbs

Child age 2-13 82lbs


Winter weight

Nov 1 - April 30

Adult 195lbs

Child age 2-13 87lbs


Contact Dispatch When

Emergency exists if able

Hazardous WX encountered

Actual 10min behind schedule

Estimated 15min behind schedule or longer than 15min ground delay

MX or DMI change on ground or in flight

Change in flight plan added more than 15min, new ALT, will compromise fuel


F/O restrictions (GOM 3-1.2.15)

CA will make all T/O and landings when:

The weather reported of actual is less than the straight in CAT 1 IFR landing mins for the particular runway

Runway shorter than 4500ft

Brake action less than fair

Capt determines conditions are prudent to do so


F/O Restrictions less than 100hrs
(GOM 3-

CA makes all T/O and LNDG’s when:

Special use airports

Prevailing vis is at or below 3/4mile or RVR less than 4000ft

Crosswind exceeds 15kts

Wind shear is reported in Vic

Runway is contaminated by snow, slush, ice or similar conditions

Braking action less than good

Any other condition the CA determines is prudent to do so


Decent Speeds

Long range M.70/250kts
Normal M.74/290kts
High speed M.77/320kts